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  1. SOLD. close it up thanks guys
  2. Don't have any pics to show sorry guys.
  3. Hey guys need help with an 1980 mongoose competition! Frame looks to be nickel I think with a good polish it will come up great, chrome forks. seems to be all orig. I'm wondering if anyone has an original pic or brochure so I can see exactly how they came off the shop floor? Mine has yellow grips, black plastic seat, bronze colour rear brake, gold seat post clamp and everything stamped mongoose what wheels and tires came with them? Hope some one can help me out. And should I leave the aged look or restore??
  4. Hey guys anyone interested in these 2 treks! Both need some TLC good clean , polish etc... Frames do have some scuffs/ scratches, spokes are rusty but with a bit of time fixing them up they will come up a treat I think. $100 for both I will post pics tomorrow.
  5. Keep throwing info to me guys! Anything info is good info, I have colours in mind but not sure about parts used.
  6. Thanks guys I hope he will enjoy it too.
  7. Thought I'd share this with you guys! Bought it for $20 all rusty and banged up (RELIANCE) I think. Decided to fix it up for my eldest son to ride when he is big enough. This is what I did - stripped down, painted 2pak gloss white with gold metallic, NOS - tires, handle grips, handle bar pad, seat, pedals, USED coaster brake wheel set, seat post , handle bars, goose neck and crank. Just added decals on it last night. This was my first attempt painting with spray gun. Needs a few final touch ups.
  8. Cool, thanks buddy.
  9. Hey chad thanks, I'll check it out. I want to get it as close to original as possible.
  10. Thanks heaps for the link I'll check him out.
  11. Where does pete live and how much does he charge?
  12. Thanks robo! I'll give them a try.
  13. Lucky lucky!!! That is a dream find right there, well done mate. A guy I know has a chrome one in same condition but won't sell it for less then $800.
  14. Hi all! I'm just about to start a full rebuild restoration on my 1981 giant gmx 250 but can't seem to find much information about them, if anyone on here can help me out that would be great! I got the bike in very rough condition completely painted black pressure pack all over. when I stripped it down I noticed the handle bars, seat post, chain ring, wheels were anodised gold but flaking off, and frames original colour is like a metallic maroonish red. Does anyone have pics of an all original one in these colours? Any info would be much appreciated, it's in the sand blaster as we speak. Cheers.