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  1. Evenin anyone
  2. Looks like a cracker day for it Adam.
  3. Good evening friends, Good tidings to all and their families,
  4. Great job Tonka, i'm really enjoying this build.
  5. Voted, good luck Mick.
  6. Photoshopped !!!
  7. Peter Edwards' XA was the shit, 11 second manual gearboxed beast with a Geoff England Cleveland.
  8. Better hope Lixy isn't around.
  9. Me a few weeks ago.
  10. Age is irrelevant Scotty....... Its coming along ok, won't be wearing those shoes but will still look pretty good. Can't run the blown motor, just chasing up a Windsor tunnel ram at the moment.
  11. S&m

  12. XD and XE S packs are way cool. I had an XD ESP (one owner) and let it go, what a fool.
  13. I'm feeling some deja vu