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  1. Cheers mate, sorry just seen i added .au at the end, my bad. Have emailed you
  2. cant seem to send PM's, looks like the chat is disabled? i'll try again later on alternatively can you email me torker87@gmail.com.au to send me payment details, Thanks
  3. Dibs I'll grab this lot, p.m. sent
  4. Keen on the cranks and pedals if you decide to part out, but hope you sell it complete, nice ride!! GLWS
  5. So I've been hunting around and have found an early 90's set of torker flipside bars not correct but getting closer, the bars ontop are OG 80's torker 2 freestyle bars and correct for this build but saving them for something else getting closer but still need to tweak a few things....
  6. make that x2, also hunting a set of brag decals for a white frame set & also looking for a set of high intensity/micro chip decals for a chrome frame set anyone got any ideas where to locate any??
  7. nice!!! GLWS
  8. wowza that's one sweet ride, holy grail of all grails, fantastic build!!! those top tubes are sweet as!!! nice work!!
  9. look forward to seeing it come together, keep the pics rolling... awesome frame sets, tanks but look the part with those curves...lol im currently building a '96 kickback have all the parts minus the decal kit..... story of my life.... if you come across a set of blue '96 decals please give me a shout....
  10. Sweet as will do, thanks for the hook up
  11. Thanks bear trap, yeah already know about frog bmx I had ordered I set last year for my 360air, very cool repo decals I must say. Kinda chasing a grey and white set with high intensity and micro chip extras. Probably have to look into finding some scans and getting a few sets printed somehow. Thanks again buddy
  12. any luck tracking a decal set down?? I'm also looking for a set of replacement decals for mine cant find anything anywhere?? Let me know if you have had any success and if any spares about. cheers
  13. nice work, she looks sweet were did you find the replacement decals form? Chasing a set myself for an up and coming build
  14. Hi bear trap, any torker 2 decals around? chasing a set of micro chip decals if you know were i can find any from please let me know. cheers nicko
  15. thanks lads, yep very happy the colour theme one of my favourites for sure, still hunting for some bars though.... :/