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  1. Oldschool4130= Peter
  2. Dam just realized it's a mini. I'm after a pro.
  3. http://bmxmuseum.com/bikes/jag/38491 Last photo 83 the same as this one, I raced one in the 80's, mine had the red and white stickers. My uncle flew back from the US with it, it's the only one I'd ever seen and every time I went to an out of town race meet it would attract alot attention as no one had ever seen one. Would like to get my hands on one. Has dropouts similar to a MCS.
  4. Would some body know who was selling the chrome jag in last photo?
  5. Yes 88 didn't have oval tubing but I have a 88 Street Styler and looks nothing like that. Like I said all Skyway freestyle bikes had a head tube gusset and Street Beats and Stylers have a crease in top tube. Please refer to BMX Museum for information. http://bmxmuseum.com/bikes/skyway/52849
  6. Nice package but that's not a street beat. Sorry to mention it. It would have a tear drop seat tube, a crease line on top tube and a gusset. I have never seen a Skyway freestyle bike without a gusset and dropouts that style. Position of plate with Skyway print is normally between rear stays not on the top and stays are wider apart. Do those welds look factory? Forks look like early 90 Haro forks and purple bars are not og. Has anyone else noticed this?
  7. Nice build, perfect in ever way.
  8. That is a sexy looking bike, great job. Are the rear brakes and cranks polished or chrome plated?
  9. Good to see another WAL. Sweet build, looks good with the black and white.
  10. I won't be making it either, my van broke down on Thursday and VW won't have parts for a week or more, they told me by the 25th I should have it back. What a joke. Don't know if I will even make it for a look, was planning on riding but could be getting up to 40mm rain.
  11. Hey mate, I have a some nice pitchforks. I'm happy to swap. Pm you now.
  12. Dibs super pro hubs.
  13. Now that is a sweet build, a real 80's street dog bike.
  14. I like your Dyno, will be nice to see it finished and the 1990 also. I luv Dyno's also, I have a 1990,92,93 all complete and sounds like you have some other rare bikes. I've been after a 1990 Aggressor for a long time, they are very hard to find. I also have the same problem, no wife, no children and plenty of fun money. Most people buy a bigger house for the family, I just got one for my 50+ bikes. I know what your saying with Tinder and POF, meeting women has never been so easy.
  15. T-shirt looks sweet, can't wait for this event. Now to decide what bikes to bring.