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  1. Where in Brissy are you mate?
  2. I think I stuffed up the multiquote thing..... in the post above
  3. Hey mate love the silver XB. Funny you say that about 1 of 3 silver XB GT. About 15yrs ago there was a guy living across the road from my ex girlfriends house in Banyo QLD. He had a mint genuine silver XB GT 4 door. It was in a secure garage under the house & he never drove it. When I went over to look at it I was amazed at how original & clean it was ( having blue blood myself )
  4. Wow .......loving that
  5. That's a sweet score drop_bear_kk
  6. Here is a pic. Got a pair of tuffs for my b'day & pissed the rims off & changed a few other parts. Then it was a paint job all round inc tuffs.....after all that it was an upgrade to my Redline ST-20......
  7. Wow, that's where my oldies got my first Hotfoot from. I just lived up the road. They got me the red frame, anodised red rims black tyres. I put tuffs n stuff on it. Think I got a pic of it. I will try & dig it up..
  8. Hey Mrchrome, yeah the LP of Decadence is pretty rare. I have heard that only 200 or 250 LP copies were done & only given out as a promotional record. Not sure if it was only radio stations or what, but if someone out there knows what's right id be glad to hear. Even got an Inxs tattoo , so that's a dedicated fan right there ...lmao
  9. Here is a few more 80's flash backs ...... mmmmmm vinyl.....
  10. Did someone say vinyl??? As you can see I have a slight obsession with Inxs. My all time favourite bands in the world Inxs & Motley Crue also including AC/DC. Just haven't got to their bit of memorabilia yet. Got heaps of 80's compilation records too
  11. Here is mine...... Never been built
  12. Is that a 1976 model? I know that sounds like a dumb question. Is that when Redline first started to make bmx?
  13. WOW.....sweet as... If you were to sell that what sort of dollars could you get for it?
  14. RL20II_too, let me know how ya go with doing it. I want to try and save them if I can. cheers
  15. I took them to the local bike shop & they ran the die over it. Its better, but still pretty ordinary..