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  1. A very warm welcome to Ozbmx mate & that's an awesome reply to any critics or haters. Steve
  2. They are a great frame to ride. 21.25" top tube & handle really well as you'd expect from a world champion designed frame. I'll dig outta old laptop & put some photos up. I've owned 2 of them. Steve
  3. Thought it looked familiar mate. Nige bought it from me about 2 & a bit years ago. I bought it from a guy in Missouri about 6 years ago. It was my favourite & most rideable Holmes of the 9 that I had. Steve
  4. Do you guys want some Revenge Industries brakes for this bike? Check my 'for sale' thread. I have an almost new gold set + most of a slightly used black set. They are much better brakes than the ones you have. You could mix & match with the black & gold also by using one side brake arm from each set. If you will use them on this bike I'll post them.
  5. Will make a cash donation next week in lieu of parts. Take it easy guys Steve
  6. I don't have much to offer with this unfortunately. I've listed a bunch of Immortis cruiser bars in the for sale section today- if you need them please choose a set if it will suit this bike & I'll post them Monday. Steve
  7. I was going to suggest a Gripsport work stand for 2 reasons- I've had one for 4 years & it's the best & easily strongest bike work stand I've ever used. Second reason is they have been a long term sponsor of ozbmx. Just checked their website & due to lack of support they've stopped making them unfortunately. You could try them & maybe a few other members could do the same. Maybe they could make them again. Made in Australia & a bloody excellent product. Steve
  8. I can sell you a UNI pro size race seat which you won't get anywhere else in the world. Nylon seat with integral carbon fibre post has a safe rider weight to around 140kg. I can't remember exact weight of these pro seats but if you check my content on this site you will see for sale listings with photos, description & weight. I think it's around 9oz but that includes the 13" post which could be cut to 2" & give you a further huge weight reduction. UNI only produced the pro model for a short time & ceased due to the manufacturing cost. I was Aussie distributor for UNI & still have a shitl load of stock including around 9 of these pro seats. If you want one let me know. Steve
  9. It's on WIN free to air now.
  10. UNI Seats are molded nylon. Steve
  11. I have an Immortis Bike Co VLAD 24" frame/forks/bars/tshirt/stem & extras package for sale as well if anyone is keen. Haven't had a chance to relist it so hunt back through my content if you are interested. It's a killer setup going cheap. Maybe cheaper if you make an offer. Steve
  12. Very impressive stats & a credit to Xavier & ozbmx staff! Just remember guys & girls that site sponsorship is important to keep ozbmx going & growing. I've been a triple sponsor for last 18 months with Zenbmx, UNI & Immortis Bike Co. & the sponsorship has been worthwhile & a positive thing for my business & the two distributorships. Unfortunately, due to time & work constraints I won't be renewing sponsorships so Ozbmx will be 3 sponsors down. If you have a business & want to help sponsor ozbmx then talk to Xavier, get involved & invest some dollars into this great site. It's worth it!!! Steve
  13. I need to clear my entire stock of UNI Seats. I'm looking for expressions of interest in purchasing bulk quantity or the whole lot. I have several hundred seats plus accessories & will sell at my cost- Australian distributor price. Aside from being the best designed, lightest & safest Mini race seats on the market they are easy & cost effective to sell online. Potential to more than double your money with a retail price of $35. I have a baby due anytime now & my work schedule means I just don't have the time to do this anymore. I'm looking for serious enquiries only please. Thanks & have a great day, Steve
  14. S&m

    Yes it was.That was an original Aussie import. Had a crimped lower chain stay when i bought it. Sent it to JC for repair & then to Roberto for powder.
  15. S&m

    That frame was mine for a couple of years. Didn't build it, just had it sitting on the mantle piece. Have fun with it.