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  1. Saw the pics on Facebook...Looks brilliant. Those Ciari hubs look awesome.
  2. Welcome back mate
  3. It's just a cheapy mate. Perfect for fixing up and donating to a local kid perhaps?
  4. What are peoples recommendations for a good Android compatible mobile web browser? I want one for use with Facebook so I don't have to download messenger. Apparently with a mobile web browser you can still access your Facebook messages without being asked to download messenger.
  5. I remember the Airborne Mis'behavin BMX frames. They were pretty exotic frames being hand crafted from titanium however the geometry was pretty ordinary.
  6. They are a cool little bike. My younger brother bought a blue one for a couple of bucks at a garage sale in the very early 90's...Was all original and in very nice condition but after a few decent jumps he bent the forks.
  7. Saw this on facebook. Absolutely brilliant...Awesome price too.
  8. Currently downing a few cans of Somersby apple cider to celebrate my best friend Stacey's birthday. Three down and many more to follow.
  9. Very tempted. What hubs and rims are they? Also would you post it?
  10. HL is Hsin Lung...Taiwanese pegs.
  11. The Rasta GHP....Always loved that one Gav. Such a brilliant bike and very rare too.
  12. That Boss mini is brilliant...Amazing price too.