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  1. Greg Hill announced yesterday that he has come to the tough decision to close the door on his frame production this year. No more frames will be made which means that the last of the run is in the hands of the distributors. Greg cited the oversaturation in the frame market for his decision. Instead Greg will put all his efforts into his ne parts brand REMIX BMX which features Carbon and Ceramic/alloy wheelsets. It is definitely a sad time for BMX especially after the troubles with Redline. As for PK racing, we will continue as a components seller and also working closely with Greg on REMIX. We still have a good supply of frames in storage so they won't all disappear too quickly from the race scene.
  2. Some of the new 2017 GHP G1's built up already!
  3. 2017 colour look pretty hot too!
  4. Back from another trip and it was fantastic as always. Pictured below with me is Danny Short. Who would have thought that after meeting and racing against each other in the 80's that I would be able to share this time with him in 2016. Too good!
  5. It will hurt. That is all I can say!!
  6. It is a beautiful place. I am currently looking at whether it is viable for me to do this as a full time trek operator. Will see how it goes.
  7. Takes a little while yes lol
  8. Well on Monday I head off on my 2nd passion after BMX and that is walking the Kokoda Track. This will be my fourth trip of taking students over and walking in the footsteps of the men who fought so valiantly and where some paid the ultimate price for our freedom. I have formed some great friendships with some of the porters and I am always remembered by village elders when we arrive at each nights camp. It is such an enjoyable trip.
  9. Keep at it. You will get some time soon!!!
  10. +1 on that right there.
  11. gto455 Greg has stopped racing. He needs the time to put his efforts into family, GHP and Remix and his coaching. CG The wheels and hubs are remix. New brand from Greg. mach1 +1