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  1. Hi all.. I'm selling these brand new in box never used Race Face raceface Chester flat pedals. Matte black in colour and suitable for a mountain bike, bmx any many other style of bicycles. "Never one to miss out on a party, our favorite Chester has been dressed up with some new traction treads on its slim, and lightweight, concave platform to give additional grip to the 8 replaceable hex traction pins per side. The tough nylon composite pedal body turns on a fully sealed cro-mo axle with a 100% serviceable bearing and bushing system." BUILT FOR: Trail/DH/FR/DJ. BODY MATERIAL: Nylon composite body. AXLE MATERIAL: Chromoly steel. HEIGHT: 15mm - 18.4mm. PLATFORM SIZE: 110mm x 101mm. WEIGHT: 340g. # of PINS: 16 SHCS hex traction pins per pedal (8 per side) BEARINGS: Cartridge bearings and DU bushings. PRODUCT FEATURES • Tough nylon composite pedal body with added traction treads. • Slim, lightweight platform with a concave shape. • Replaceable threaded steel traction pins (8 per side). • Durable sealed Cro-Mo steel axle. • Standard 9/16” pedal thread. • Serviceable internals (spare parts available). Paid over $90 for them but will sell for only $80! If you want to buy, please PM me. Genuine buyers only please. Pick up from Carnegie Melbourne near Chadstone 3163. Victoria. Thanks
  2. Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone could please shed some light on which Repco frame would be the best to do up for myself please out of: Repco Superlite which looks similar to the frames in: http://lh5.ggpht.com/_z-Vwoa7vdkI/SSNDL1luXKI/AAAAAAAAAkA/CjheCKNChUQ/Superlite%20017.jpg http://www.evansclarke.com.au/uploaded/302854_1.jpg It says on it Cr-Mo 4130 Repco Superlite which has a colour scheme like: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3216/2935257017_bbc7771fd2.jpg Repco Tri-A which looks similar to the colours of: http://i262.photobucket.com/albums/ii106/munga1337/Bicycles/1991%20Repco%20Victory%20Tri-A/100_2978.jpg http://i262.photobucket.com/albums/ii106/munga1337/Bicycles/1991%20Repco%20Victory%20Tri-A/100_2930.jpg I got no idea which years each are from though nor what they are made of. If anyone can please advise me which one to keep and do up for myself I'd be most thankful. Thanks.
  3. no. Is there any difference between the two superlites? Is one older than the other or made from different material? Shame the Tri-A is a bigger frame than the red and white superlite. Is there a big difference between the quality of the Tri-A and the red and white superlite? How does 4130 compare to Tange and 535 please? Thanks.
  4. haha.. Surely one frame must be better than the others in terms of the year that it has been manufactured and what it is made of - eg type of steel right please??
  5. Hi, I'm no good with brands.. can someone please rank these rims in best to worst...? Mavic Made in France Alesa Made in Belgium (black rims) Kim Lin Made in Taiwan Araya Made in Japan They all look nice and are Alloy... 700C. They don't have any other branding or model details on them unfortunately. Thanks
  6. Alps and Ku Suki are both just under 38cm (from the dropbar ends) I don't know where to measure it all from!.. The Custom Sakae is just over 39cm... I'm not good with decisions... I like to have other people's opinions and then work it out from there if possible please!
  7. So do you think Alps are better than Ku Suki? They are all much of the same in terms of their condition. I won't be suing anyone. I just want some opinions please. Again... the rims are of much of the same condition in comparison. I don't know what else I can tell you as I don't have any specific model information but if you tell me what else you'd like to know.. I can try hehe. Thanks... please help.
  8. I already have those rims.. I just want to make up a road bike with the best parts possible for myself please. I am looking through some old drop handlebars that I have and am wondering which brands are the good ones and which are the poor quality ones please? Can you please rate them from best to worst too please? Alps Road Champion Sakae Custom Road Champion with Custom Stem WIN Kusuki Thanks in advance.