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  1. Was a great day need to get past the second pub though next time i recon!!!!!
  2. og EH holden in original color (any color) great looking old cars.
  3. Just wrote something up Adam looking forward to it mate.
  4. Looks great Jason looks outstanding a lot better than when i gave it to you.i knew you would do something special with it
  5. i,m up for the next ride.Be great to catch up with you lot and meet some new peeps
  6. Aiming for mid Nov as the state titles on them mate at Hobart.Mt Wellington a lil to steep for my old legs.
  7. Damn i miss you lot.Looks like you are having some great days.Need to get this Tassie ride going for my own sanity LOL.
  8. Just waiting for warmer weather.Mornings certainly are crisp over here!!!Hope your knee shrinks back to at least the size of a grapefruit been very busy building all my bikes back up as had to totally strip all nine and jam in my shower cubicle in my rv just to get them over here.Thinking maybe do some thing to coincide with the Aussi titles in Hobart in November as well.Thoughts??
  9. Without Scott none of us would be here talking.don,t know what we would be talking about.RIP OM.
  10. Top build Jas.My moose is my favourite rider.
  11. Yep loving it down here Jason.Only about 200 bux return on a plane.Got plenty of spare bikes mate.
  12. Yeah Andrew Boags is far better than cascade.
  13. Trust me Tack when it,s a sprint to the pub.Dazz wins hands down.
  14. Would you come if it did Daz??