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  1. Looks alittle different these days
  2. Hi All, Please call dibs and wait for a PM with payment details. Unfortunately its Direct deposit Only on this sale, Will provide tracking number when I post them. Pick up is keilor area, VIC. Or I can meet you somewhere during working hours in the following area's (braybrook, yarraville, footscray) GT profile cranks, 175mm Condition wise I say they are a good rider finish. One of the arms has some previous owner hammer marks. Bottom bracket is old but usable. Chain wheel is fairly clean, could do with a repolish. Its 43t. $200 OR $230 posted australia wide. Some pictures
  3. Sorry for the delay, but they are early ones
  4. Are the arms tapped for the pedals? Or do they have the pedal thread in a chromo sleeve thats pressed into the arm?
  5. rip buddy, man time flys
  6. S&m

    Ahh my old dirtbike, I bet its feeling rather sad at the moment, someone needs to get it back together
  7. Yes, 94' motocross with canti brake 94 team motocross with 990's and front gussets (only one to have shown up after all these years) 11' trailboss custom
  8. Have you ever driven a LHD vehicle in aus mate?
  9. crupi hubs with mavic rims be of interest? 10mm axles of course
  10. It may be up for offer soon, so ya never know mate
  11. Lil,mothertrucker, Yep, Im going to go back to my 205 width diamondback branded tyres and try at calder. The 205's seem to hook up better than the current 225's. Ive only raced at heathcote and calder is .2 faster. I could always pull the air filter out, spare wheel etc, but as its a true street car, im trying to get the numbers with how I drive it daily.
  12. This is my daily, Special order Manual ls1 executive. Current mods: Mafless tune, exhaust, 3.9 diff gears with a true trac lsd. Its fun to drive, no police hassles, best time to date over the 1/4, 13.2 @105 on shitty street tyres. Slowly accumilating some parts to build a nice 6 or 6.2 litre motor with around 300rwkw.
  13. Good to see my old grey dirtbike is still hanging around, great bike in a uncommon colour.
  14. I picked up a black next gen holmes off that grant bloke around 99, Had a feeling it was the same bike, haha