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  1. awesme score hated them in the 80s though
  2. No new leads?
  3. Every goose and his dog have a Monman or something like that, Mongeese are nice for sure but the 'where did you unearth that'factor on the mean machine is off the meter, keep the Mean Machine.
  4. Great job, almost makes me wish i hadnt given my apollo away That has come up a treat.
  5. Thanks esp for pic link i couldn't find
  6. Am in the process of putting a Supermax together and wondering if anyone has pics of a white one with red accessories as I am leaning towards this scheme. Open to other suggestions too. Its an 81 not a 5 hole job. cheers
  7. Beaudiful, loving the orange and black contrast.
  8. As Brickos said 'You can't "prove" a negative' Cycling is bitchy, I don't know if he cheated, I choose to believe he is a legend and didn't though. Seems to me like a not good enough whiner is trying to bring him down, anyway to ban him for life and take his 7 TDF titles really sucks, with testing 2 years later, can they truly guarantee the security of the samples over that time? He has given up defending himself against relentless attacks so I hope they leave him be. Anyway cudos to Lance for his Livestrong organization which puts more than 80% of what it raises into programs. http://www.livestrong.org/ A lot of valid points here, I hope Lance gets on with life and gives the big finger to his accusers. Anyone that loses a testicle to cancer and then goes by the nickname Juan Pelota (Pelota being Spanish for ball) isn't going to be worn down by the bas...ds forever. He has a great sense of humour and is a proven survivor who has given millions of cycling fans many years of entertainment. Anyway that's my thought.
  9. Goose is just amazing, can't with to see the DB, liking the colour a lot.
  10. Congrats Coasty.
  11. Get down the nearest A&E but put a patch on it first and they will rush you to the head of the triage.
  12. Great stuff, and great publicity.
  13. Very cool. love the long frame
  14. Welcome, once you save one....well you'll soon find out, cheers.