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  1. Blacktown 5 lanes I have another later 1981 still 5 lanes Liverpool MetroWest was 6 lanes in 1981 as well
  2. Hi Mickey,

    i have a kuwahara cruiser Frame and fork need to move on. If you are interested


    1. mickey182


      Thanks mate but I'm really looking for a profile, I've got a real soft spot for this brand.

    2. mattblack


      Yeh I know, your bikes are cool. Just thought I would see

  3. Yes they are. I have a dusty collection and want to thin it a bit. Plus I need some money for some chrome bits on another car resto
  4. Good set of original rider wheels. Shiny side rims, new spokes, Suzue hubs. Front is perfect, rear has a small buckle. $200 plus post
  5. Spider sold
  6. Prices plus post and PayPal or direct deposit. Hutch 1\2 inch pedals $150 Hutch spider $60 want more pic PM me an email address
  7. Black Tuff 1's coaster brake, spin well $150 plus post. PayPal you pay fees or direct deposit
  8. Bump Taking offers collecting dust here
  9. Dibs blue invada plate
  10. All offers considered
  11. Kuwahara cruiser frame and forks, 5 inch head and thick drop outs. More pics just ask $1300 posted eastern states. PayPal or direct deposit.
  12. Hi, any chance some anyone lives near Junction Village VIC. There is a rear car seat I'm keen to win on ebay. Just need some to pick up, wrap up and post to me or drop at deport. Will pay for your time.
  13. Worthy winner. Nice goose
  14. From what I remeber talking to Mark (SLA) they mad 2 x 26ers and 4 x 24's in that style. Revcore will like it
  15. Dibs Don't tip it. It's worth more than a quicksilver