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  1. You wonder why people with the rare stuff go "underground" next there will be a repro'd Cook Bros "S" bar.. or Mono.
  2. Ahh, the purist and the hot rodder, never the twian shall meet... Good to see things haven't changed much, Sad though, 'cause there are a lot of good guys butting heads when the integrous thing seems so obvious.. I have repro'd stuff too so I ain't too pure but frames etc? I am gonna disappear for another year and hopefully things settle a little..
  3. no mate you're fine, I'm just being a dick, you have a wicked line up, I would happily own any one of them! :-)
  4. Actually sorry that was a bit harsh, I shouldn't get on here after a year or so and after a drink, there are plenty of nice bikes here but it does say unrestored completes. I'm also not partial to the reproduction stuff still as you can tell. Oh well carry on guys, may drop in again in a year or so, I'll try not to let the door hit me in the ass on the way out :-)
  5. There is so much fake shit on these so called survivors it makes me sick!!
  6. bloody nice one!!
  7. oh well I guess I realist but I have reported him, fucker.....
  8. Sold my G boy and ebay user bmxxxbandit hasn't paid or contacted me, he's from the states so I'm sure no one here knows him, but what a pain in the ass! gone to resolution centre, not that that is gonna help. looks like it'll be relisted at some point. bastard!
  9. Un Fvcking believable.........
  10. Love GJSs really nice!! and nice save.
  11. No, they are AMF forks. They are a little longer. cracking bike
  12. Here is an old NOS Torker head tube decal I had, did you know the early Torkers (up to 79) had "Manufactured in USA by Johnson Engineering" underneath them. I was a Torker head well before my G boy days.
  13. me too.