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  1. Oh wow all OZBMX frames sitting there , the orange GJS next to mine is also a oz members
  2. That will never happen , but I will be posting more GJS in the coming weeks the tally has risen to 7 A frame models now.
  3. Lol no freestyle here sorry Steve , the yellow I can't reveal unfortunately it's an agreement I have with Chip
  4. sold
  5. Well done
  6. Author hasn't logged in since the day after he posted this thread
  7. A lot of members used photo bucket for uploads then would delete there photos hence the absence of photos in threads , photo bucket has been romoved to eliminate this problem.
  8. It's definately there Shoot me a pm and I'll look into it for you.
  9. Gold DX pedals 9/16 Advertised elsewhere also $400
  10. It seems a lot of people are busy elsewhere or going by the members online they visit but don't say much unfortunately.
  11. What's going on Red haven't seen you around for a while
  12. It's finally arrived Project T is in Perth
  13. This is FAT I'm loving It Glenn Somewhere im sure I have some nos in the box 28h campys I was going to lace to 16" 7B hoops but decided differently , if these interest you let me know ill go digging for them next week
  14. Well done mate.