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  1. Lock this one up please mods
  2. Lock this one up please mods.
  3. Lock this one up please mods.
  4. No sorry. Redlines sold this morning. Just hadn't had time to update till now.
  5. Price drop SC2 clamp $60 Addicks sprocket $40
  6. All done here. Lock this one up please mods
  7. Price drop $70
  8. Price drop. Pro neck $175 JC Redline $170
  9. Price drop. CT175'S $200 Flites $135 JC Aerospeeds $285
  10. Yes. All done. Lock it up please.
  11. Few bits and pieces up for grabs. Prices are posted or pick up in Brisbane 1. Tange seat clamp. Comes with a new decal. $50 posted 2. Tange SC2 seat clamp. Comes with new decal. Clean. $90 posted 3. Addicks 43 tooth sprocket. Clean. Comes with bolts. $65 posted 4. Hutch donut seat clamp. Needs refinishing. $50 posted. 5. Pair of Suntour 36h sealed hubs. $70 posted 6. Full set of front and rearr tourneys with prebent levers. Disassembled. All there. $80 posted
  12. Couple of pairs of rims. Prices are posted or pick up Brisbane 1. Pair 1.75 araya 7x. Blue. No dents or flat spots. They have scratches and brake rub. $140 posted 2. Pair of1.75 Ukai speedlines. No dents or flat spots. A few scratches. They would all clean up nice. $200 posted
  13. Couple of stems up for hrabs. Prices are pisted or pick up Brisbane 1. Pro Neck stamped. Good, clean stem. Couple of small marks on top, but they'd clean up well. $205 posted 2. Johnny Chopper Redline double clamp. Never used. Still raw. $200 posted
  14. Few sets of cranks up for grabs. Prices are posted or pick up in Brisbane. 1. Set of CT175's. Chrome has been stripped, so they need redoing. Good threads and tapers. Hard to find these days. $230 posted 2. Set of new Redline Flites. 175's. Still in packaging. Spindle and bolts. No box. $170 posted 3. Set of Johnny Chopper Hutch Aerospeeds. Never used. Raw. Awesome cranks. $325 posted
  15. Really clean set of stamped ALPS v bars in blue. Nice colour. Not faded. Few storage marks. $95 posted or pick up north Brisbane