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  1. hey, its good to be back, with what started off with me just trying to track down some of the bikes i had as a kid has turned into something more serious, ive been trying to find my mongoose cali and my quicksilver cruiser, this has proven fruitless, thrown to the tip apparently, so while searching i managed to pick up some old bmx and 1 was a kuwahara, since finding that it had turned exciting pretty quickly, i swapped that for a quadangle, then swapped that for a PK ripper, all 3 of these i never expected to own, but i have, although im flipping bikes quickly i am looking to do a full build of my own, hence why the PK has got to go, ive found my next projects, 87 skyway streetscene and a hallmark 24... i am goin to enjoy these builds.. current bikes,08 PK Ripper, 97 bully pro, projects, 24 hallmark, skyway 87, and hopefully madison taipan...