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  1. Oh man, that's my old bike I restored! So tempted to buy her back.
  2. Looks great, be careful touching the plating too much as it gets little scratches in it quite easily.
  3. No worries Ed, I have replied to your email. I really do appreciate all of the trouble your have gone to in making sure I get a replcacement tuff, especially considering how busy you are at the moment. Im sorry it came to me making a thread about all this, but honestly i didn't know what to do and needed advice. I will make sure that this thread is deleted once everything is sorted out. Thanks again for helping me out.
  4. There was really no need for that I'm prepared to wait for a reply to my email, he is obviously a busy bloke going by what the others are saying. I don't want him thinking I'm bitching about him on here, when I'm really only trying to get some info on what I should do.
  5. Yeah the video doesn't really show just how buckled it is, in person it's pretty bad.
  6. I'm hoping that's the case, but im not holding my breath. Sucks to hear about your parcel. I didn't know Ed was a a one man show, that would explain the long time between emails. I'm just hoping this all gets sorted as I'm hanging to go for a decent ride.
  7. Hey guys, I was just wanted a few other peoples input on this matter, and maybe a few suggestions on what I should do. On the 5th of March I purchased a set of sky blue tuffs from Ed at Planet BMX, they arrived at my door a little over a week later. They sat in my garage for a couple weeks untill I was ready to fit them onto my bike, where upon fitting them I noticed that the rear wheel had what looked like a buckle in it. I thought it was weird that a "new" wheel would have a warp in it so I made a video and sent it to Ed to ask him what was going on. I recieved an email back from him on the 31st of March which said the following. I was very happy to hear he was willing to replace the faulty wheel so I emailed him my full postage details and waited for a reply. On the 6th of April I sent him another email asking if any progress has been made to which I recieved no reply. Finally on the 11th of April he sent me this email. Fair enough I thought the man is a busy, so I waited for a reply telling me it was sorted. I sent him another one on the 14th asking what was happening to which I recieved this reply. I sent him an email again asking how it went to which I have recieved no reply since. Now I don't know whats happening with all this, I have been more than calm in my emails but it's all just starting to piss me off. Ed sounds like a great bloke but nothing seems to be happening with this problem, he tells me it's going to be posted out then I get no replys to my emails. It has been nearly 3 weeks since I reported the problem and nothing has happened, even my 45 days period to start an ebay dispute has ended. Any ideas as to what I should do? I really want it replaced as it's putting me off riding my bike, and I don't want to send an aggressive email as it will just cause more problems than it solves.
  8. Awesome, thanks for that. I will order one and see how it goes. Thanks man I have really enjoyed building it. I contacted Ed about the tuff, showed him the video and he is sending me out a new replacement one. He doesn't even want the warped one back.
  9. That's exactly what I was planning to do, tap the thread further down the bolt and cut it shorter. Should work fine hopefully. Thanks for all the advice guys, it's very helpful.
  10. It's going on the back of my 80 team goose the one from this thread It has a flat brake bridge, so I think the pivot bolt will stick out to far. Might have to mod it a little. As for reach I fitted up an old 900 size caliper here at home, the reach to the rim was fine which was why I went for a MX900 instead of the MX1000.
  11. Excellent, I was hoping for that. I did some looking around google a few days ago and some people were saying that the adjuster, and quick release had to be changed also. That got me a little worried. Thanks heaps for the help guys.
  12. Hey guys, I purchased this NOS front MX900 last week and im hoping to convert it to work on the rear. Im pretty noob when it comes to this kinda stuff, but im just wondering what's involved in converting it from front to rear? I know that I will have to change the pivot bolt, but is that all that's needed? Or do I have to change the adjuster and quick release.
  13. That ebay seller actually lives around the corner from me, he's a pretty nice bloke. I picked up a set of tyres off him a couple weeks back, while I was there i checked out the MX100's and wasn't impressed.
  14. They were done in gold mate.
  15. Thanks for the kind words guys, I have emailed PlanetBMX so i'll see how we go with that rear tuff. i got it from Ben's cycle in Milwaukee, was about $120 posted via express.