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  1. Shiny side the rim hmmm could work ,Never thought of that. I'm not liking the black wheels and white frame at all. Need to hurry and paint the frame blue Yeah I hacksawed the seat post took a few weeks cause every time I'd get frustrated and have to walk away for a couple days.
  2. It's finally rideable just waiting on some grips and a different seat. Plus it's still in primer,it got a few chips in it so figured I'd get it all together make sure it's ready to ride than I'll pull it apart and paint it.
  3. Cheers it's been a bit of pain finding parts. So far I've managed to use nothing new . But now I've lost the lock washer and lock nut off my bottom bracket so now I'm gonna have to get a whole new bottom bracket.
  4. the reason for the marina blue was cause I am thinking of painting my chevelle. The quad was going to be my test peice
  5. Still need to find some nuts & washers & bits. And before anyone starts hating on me for painting it the white is just primer straight over the chrome (was going to paint it marina blue. I can take it back to original with a little paint stripper.
  6. Yeah the forks came up pretty good I gave the a citric acid bath. Trying to figure my next move. I have hacksawed it through down one side. I've tried giving it a bit of a nudge and a pry,hasn't moved might have to start hacksawing the other side.
  7. Thanks John I already found 1. build is coming along slowly cleaned up a few bits,they are far from perfect but I plan to ride this bike a bit so not to fussed. I've been at war with a stuck seat post that must have been cracked cause it brock off right at the top of the frame as soon as I tried to remove it.
  8. If I wasn't working I'd be there for sure. The stem should hold up to some light riding , shouldn't it! its not like I'm going to be hitting big dirt jumps like I was 20yrs ago. There is a name engraved on the frame I'd say its a fair chance thats who modded the stem.unfortunately its to faded to read.
  9. Hope this is what u wanted John im pretty sure the quill is not dk as the angle is the as another cheapo one I have. if my research is correct Dk quills have a different angle on them to others please correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. I'll get a picture when I'm home. I'm pretty sure it was stamped J3 I also have a stem. not sure if this picture worked before
  11. I'll get a picture when I'm home. I'm pretty sure it was stamped J3
  12. Shite. I'm working all weekend. How often is swap meets around Brisbane/Gold Coast area. cranks are date code March 1990,if I can get the other parts I used to have ill use the maxy' s, but if I can't I'll use something else as the maxys are pretty worse for wear
  13. It had silver/grey araya's not sure what sort and the last set of bars I remember putting on it where the squar 4 piece (redline I think).
  14. This is the start of my very first resto/build this is pretty much what's left of the bike I rode as a kid,everything is in pretty bad shape from sitting for 15-20yrs. Not sure what I'm going to do for the rest of the parts as I'm on an extra tight budget. I do have a gold front ukai laced to Suntour hub so hopefully I can find a matching rear wheel. The forks are tange and dated OD which I think makes them 1980 same as frame.the cranks are 1990. I would like to build it back to how it was when I rode it.