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  1. Thanks for posting the club list Aurora. I was a member of Crank & Chain in Melbourne for a couple of years. I got the membership for my 10th birthday in 1980. We raced at the Lalor/Epping track a couple of times. Came last mostly!
  2. Awesome, love it! Can't wait to see the finished product. Keep up the great work!
  3. Great info there.
  4. Very nice.
  5. Thank you. I have the date correct disease with my cars so I know it well, but I'm happy for this build to be era correct.
  6. I've scored some rider quality goodness in the last couple of weeks. They will just get a light clean up and some caps for the DX's to try and keep the OG feel going. Just waiting for brakes, which are on the way and wheels which I will hopefully have back in a couple of weeks, then it can be assembled.
  7. Cheers gents.
  8. A bit more assembly today as I picked the wheels. Had the repro Comp 111's waiting to go. Just need my brakes to turn up now and I'm done.
  9. IMG-9582.jpg

    1980 Quicksilver
  10. Voted. Great build again this month.
  11. At one point I couldn't find an original and went with one of these.