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  2. Cheers @mongoose two four Looking forward to my next purchase & resto of my Mini Californian!
  3. Really @justin74 ? I picked it up last night. Beautiful ride!
  4. I wish it was a StreetBeat Mick!
  5. Feed back guys? The serial number matches up for 1996 September
  6. Sooooo Sweet!!
  7. Any of the Mongoose Pads left?? 2nd Pic down!
  8. Cheers Rado! Think I might be going with it! Also think I've got my hands on a TA!!
  9. LOL so true! Convincing the wife for my 40th this year! Had a TA and lost it a couple of years back! Use to race on it. Full specs and still heart broken!
  10. Frame & forks still available?/
  11. Any idea on what these generally go for?? In this condition?
  12. LOL yeh I'm in Brissy mate! Thinking of buying this one! Research so far between Styler & street beat is a tuff comparison!
  13. What you you think ladies & gents? Leigit? I know my TA's as I only raced BMX in my youth. This batboy looks very sweet! Feedback would be great!