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  2. Nice, and in yellow, I have not seen many that colour myself. I finished mine and later want to fit a haro lineage crank. It ain't standard anymore and it is an odyssey and fusion mix with custom decals to keep a black and chrome theme.
  3. I will keep supplying bikes where I can to help others but only wanted to post one build to encourage others and was blown away by all the people on this site helping out others already,great job to youse all and very uplifting to see.
  4. Bike is now finished and went for a check at the local bike shop who fitted a new chain and looked after me quite well and gave it a quick safety check for free, what a legend.
  5. Yes that is terrific, thank you.
  6. That is sweet as, great twin top tube haro.
  7. That is awesome, painting candy is very tricky and to get it so even over those fiddly areas takes a lot of skill, so I am presuming the chrome was the base and then they added candy tinter to the clear sprayed that on very particularly then cleared the whole lot again. I was once involved in a red candy apple lh Torana hatch build was blown away by the amount of clear that was used for the process. Base coats can shades drastically too.
  8. Thanks for that, might use it on the zippo master replica when other projects are completed. Good for reference pictures and info for others too.
  9. The black stem I just purchase for the 91 sport but what was the other stem I have, the plain alloy fusion one used on?
  10. Is it Homer Simpson lol.
  11. Reckon looking at that front wheel it may need some work too. Pictures from that starting grid look very hairy. Anyone got a picture of the drop from there they can post.
  12. I can see the point, it is getting difficult at times with scammers and people wanting to take others for a ride to stockpile their own greed, many people have their back up against a wall these days over it. How many though could be genuine and have to suffer because of it, very sad situation, but yours turned out quite well and good on the members who guided you though your concerns, this is what it is about. And thanks to those who helped myself so far, my knowledge is poor but bike building is an escape too, reading and learning takes your mind of other stuff. If some bikes are a valuable investment that is ok too, Thinking of giving my daughters one each for Christmas this year. Image if they hold onto them for their children when the time comes.
  13. All this is now gone.
  14. This is now gone.
  15. Have now fitted different bars with black grips and alloy and black brake levers, put on a black seat clamp. Will fit a chain and some reflectors that mount over the brake callipers, the red on the wheel hubs and callipers now looks ok. Some fine tuning and it will be finished.