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  1. ...I am sure that the fat/thin thing is pure imagination. When I was a kid in 1982 we did not give a flying &^%&^ . I do not give a fying &^&% today. Beat you all to the chip shop whatever.
  2. *giggles* Who would of thought that Sturmley Archer is still around to save the day! Seriously though, the spockets are readily available on popular auction sites for a few pounds each (I recently bought a 14T for coaster application and it cost me £3.49 posted and clips are pennies.)
  3. ..Oh and forgot to say, if you have the 8mm axle in the front do not fear. 10mm axles and cones swap right in, the grease retainer/ball retainer with be snug but no biggy.
  4. Yes, bitd we all binned stuff like that but I recently had a dilemma regarding a set of pedals I fitted to a build. The pedals did not look right so I posted to find suitable reflectors, none surfaced and my request was scorned by some! Anyway, on the right pedal, why not. Below is said pedal which is still less reflectors although I would like them, honest!
  5. Sturmley Archer sprockets are excellent for this application. Readily available in 13T - 22T and excellent chrome to boot. The wire circlips are equally easy to find, do not use a flat circlip. I love cassette hubs!
  6. I have to say that my star purchase was my Tange Hot Heart, I bought it as a complete but it came with everything repop including Skyway wheels which were just wrong. All I had left was a frame and fork which probably turned out to be the most expensive Hot Heart frame and fork ever!! Never mind that though as I had a cunning plan which I think, I hope, I am pulling off. From this frame and fork, in one of the worst powder coat jobs I have seen: To this, not quite finished yet but I am so very happy I started the build as it reignited my enthusiasm for BMX and focused it on my interest in Japanese BMX:
  7. It has been a little quiet at Tange HQ recently, what with over-time in abundance and family stuff. Today I did manage to get a bit of quality time with the Hot Heart. I purchased the race plate and brake guard some time ago, with this build in mind. Since I started I began to wonder if they were a bit over the top, a bit flash (despite humble makers). Now I have fitted them I like them a lot. I think the race plate is a 'Cycle Craft' item (not the frame maker and splatter paint job folks) and the guard is from 'Accord BMX'. Only the proper pad set left and the Hot Heart will be completed. This is so close to my dream bike I am thrilled. Having said that my next project could be right up there!
  8. Bit of an update. I have gone for reissue Tioga Comp III tyres, my wallet does not stretch to nos or even good oe tyres some of the asking prices are frightening. I do have a set of original blue Mistuboshi Comp III's with loads of tread but they have gone very hard and the lettering has started to flake off, they would not be rideable. I am not sure if blue tyres would not be overkill anyway. The pad set looks the business but they are only made with stickers, they are nicely made though. I ordered a printed set today. It is the first set he has made, although he had already done most of the artwork waiting for the right time to complete; lucky for me it was my enquiry. There are a few bits left to be fitted, not least the 'proper' pad set, so the end is in sight. I certainly hope to finish by the New Year. It will mean I will have to polish it, a job I can not get any enthusiasm for! Polish I will and it will look blinding. Thanks for looking.
  9. I admit to be a bit envious. Great project.
  10. The white back cloth and constant soft lighting has the effect of making colours much lighter than they really are. When the bike is finished I will get some natural light pictures to you. The anodise on the seat post / bars / brake calipers / lock nut could not be much better in terms of colour match. I hope to demonstrate that once I have the bike finished. Xave: do you have a set of anodised blue Win bars? If so please would you measure as much as possible, with standards, so I can confirm that my bars are indeed Win (or not as the case may be).
  11. Thanks for the kind words. The seatpost is SR Laprade, and yes it is great quality. I feel SR is rather looked down on, one reason why I tried to source a lot of SR components, they are often overlooked. I found an SR seatpost clamp recently but the Tange SC1 is perfect for this bike. I look forward to sharing more in the future, also an overdue update on the Shimano pad set question I posed some time ago. I am very optimistic about that one but more when I have the goods as it were. *cheers*
  12. ...here you go xave; Ukai Speedlines, stainless Araya spokes and Shimano DX hubs. I do not know the maker of the bars sadly. I do have a set of chrome Win bars and they are extremely similar with the Win bars being 1/2 inch wider.