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  1. 10"? x 28" (29" if you include the plug ends) same sweep as GT pro bars.
  2. The UFO was the top of the range for MT racing. Great frame with long top tube and big chain stays. I'm not sure if they were sold to the public but these frames were given to the pro riders to use. But if your not fully diggin it then sell/swap or pass it on.
  3. Well you have yourself a MT racing frame and fork. Might be a UFO or "the fox" . This guy would be the best person to ask -
  4. That's a real beauty there Billy but really I can what's happening here, Jimmy boy pulls out his big gun and now you fire back with this one. Well boys looks like we've got ourselves and ol' fashion bike off showdown!
  5. You have to remember there were two types of hot hearts, the straight tt with prosight rear and the flared tubing models. Paint codes may have changed from year to year.
  6. They sold them in America as chevy and pontiac's. They were used as cop cars over there as well before the revised mustang came out. They (holdens) could all have chev badges when the factories shut up shop
  7. google image search - more info - taken from here -
  8. SLA maybe?? They usually had the extra triangle guesset. and the weird bend to the forks.
  9. These frames were also badged as Kuwahara scamp and univega
  10. redline made thunderbird frame Pro raider forks
  11. Try owen (crisp87) I think he had some made up.
  12. Just as the stamp says its USA BMX. (an aftermarket brand) I have a set as well. I like the shape of them and the handles point upwards. You would have to be specific to your chrome plater about the stamps
  13. Whoa! What he said. Guess that's three prosight cruisers now?
  14. People mistake these for Rhino 3. like here They're not. They are avanti. though yours could have original decals??
  15. Great build. The shimano pads just seem to go well with HH's. The bars look huge, what brand are they?