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  1. OK crew, time to set the record straight before there's anymore silliness in this thread. There were a number of reasons why we elected to shut the magazine down. Primary among them is the financial return of the mag. It cost me a decent Hutch restoration in $ to publish each issue of the magazine. While it made a reasonable return, the return was not sufficient enough to support a young family, which is of course my first priority. Yet we pushed on for seven issues in the hope that word would spread and the magazine would grow and become more financially viable. Instead of the growth we needed we got a divided old school BMX community in Australia, and all the colour, enthusiasm, mateship and pure love of old BMX bikes that inspired the launch of our magazine, disappeared. I've always been Switzerland in this stuff, I'm on nobody's side. I've supported all forums and events where I could. I have some great BMX mates in Queensland. I have great BMX mates everywhere. It's just a pity the hobby is clearly less focused on the bikes now. So based on this new environment we took the rational business decision to not continue. We loved doing the magazine and still miss it everyday. We're still selling back issues and had a killer No.8 planned. Never say never but I've gone and got a sensible person's boring job now. We really appreciate all you guys supporting our venture and hope we can do it again some day. Cheers ANDREW
  2. If you don't leave the house because of threatening weather in Melbourne you just don't leave the house. I'll be there.
  3. South Eastern it is then. See you there.
  4. St.Kilda Festival starts this weekend. Is the swap still on in the same spot?
  5. Looking forward to this. Not far away now. Hey Craig, do I need to book a selling space or do you have me covered?
  6. I grew up close to PRM and Dad used to drive me up there of a Sunday night so I could peer in the window. Heaven on earth for a 12 year old.
  7. Hey Mate, I'm next to Mornington, I can pick it up for your tomorrow (Saturday). PM me with the details. Cheers ANDREW
  8. One Large for me please.
  9. Impressive volcanologist.
  10. AKA - The Human Bike Stand.
  11. Getting closer now!!!!! Bikes finished, new mags finished. Sounds like I'm ready!
  12. Thought you'd been quiet and now we know why. Beautiful job. Can't wait to see it in person.
  13. Happy Birthday Norm! Have a great day.