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  1. Awesome,. Sounds good. I'll wait for a photo. are they pre86 or do they all look about the same anyway. cheers,. Syd
  2. Alloy. Please,
  3. The crupi are 2walled. But their profile isn't period looking. The box times are similar profile to the araya rims. But only come in 36h and 1.75 ta, syd
  4. Hi, Me again, Wanting Junior Powerlite bars for our turbolite or appropriate diamondback bars. Thanks,
  5. I know of a complete one. It is about a 2013 model. Ta
  6. yep, for the turbo lite. What I meant by objection was because my daughter is going to race it retro.. Cheers, Ty
  7. Hi, 20x1.5 period rims with 28 holes. Any colour. Gold would be perfect. while I am here,. Do you think there would be much objection if I used crupi rhythm rims as they come in 28h 20x1.5? thanks, syd
  8. Hi,. Would like some 28h hubs. thanks, syd
  9. Hi, after a a cruiser with a top tube of about 18.5 to 19.5. 1,1/8 wheels could be a frame and fork cheers. Syd
  10. Hello, firstly, thanks to all those that helped with my other posts looking for bikes. i have just purchased a diamondback turbo lite frame and fork. I am looking for the following parts to build it up. It is for my 8 year old daughter who loves black and gold so it maybe restored to her liking. 1) a goose neck that would match 2) sugino cranks of sorts, between 150 and 160 3) wheels, 20 x 1 1/8 or 20 x 1.5 --- not sure on this one. She uses 1,1/8 at the moment. What do you all think? would prefer 28 spoke need rims as well 4) power lite bars. That shoild get us started, thanks, syd
  11. Thanks for the leads. Is Trevor weber a Sunbury bmx club member? cheers, syd
  12. Hi, Anyone, has to be one out there. I'm happy to repair it.
  13. Hi, thanks for the response. How much are you guys wanting for these frame and forks. Cheers, Syd
  14. Hello, Are there any Pre-86 PK rippers out there? I am after a shorter top tube and it can be damged / repaired / or repairable. As you can see from my other posts that I am not having much luck. Regards, Syd
  15. Hi, Thanks for the reply, I only just saw it. How different to the SuperMax is it and How much are you asking? Regards, Syd