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  1. that would be ace, what are the differences... is it the serial on BB instead of gusset?
  2. Is this a Cyclops? Gusset above BB is same as other examples here and on museum, no top tube gusset on this one and would have been a 5 speed bitd. 1983 Cyclops? Serial is E3114XXXX
  3. Is this a Cyclops as well? Gusset above BB is same, no top tube gusset on this and would have been a 5 speed bitd.
  4. Before Xmas I picked up a nice 1994 Bully Viper for nada $- not fully OG but with some really nice parts, it rides like a dream and I put it on the museum in the U.S. So looking for other bikes for fun nada collection on bumtree and this popped up... I did not need another one - but seem to be a Bully magnet lately, but at least i can tell the wife honestly... I have doubled my efforts ... seller got it from bike shop as is BITD.. I am second owner, OG exceptseller had sprayed handlebars in non matching blue to hide rust pits etc, got rid of that, I think the grips are not OG, but for the chain ring alone... I likey... last pic of both new one at back, weird, I like the semi oG better.. thought I would share them with you...
  5. thank you for your replies... serial numbers are a mystery to me... nailed it on the drop outs, cheers - they are same... I feel better now... I really keep getting rewarded in this new obsession... win some , lose less, I hope... good karma to ya'
  6. Shipped out of Launceston... nearby seller...
  7. This is the second of two bikes I shipped from Tassie in same box, the Kuwasomething was disappointing (however I appreciated the no BS advice here) but now I am feeling the pinch - I did not spend much, $75 on Kuwacrappy and $80 on this - but F me - two fakes? so would like to know what they are... and can restore accordingly - they are both obviously old. This Madison survivor has no serial on the gusset, it is on bottom bracket - see pic - and well... is that bad, does it rule out Geebung etc? what is it? Has the Tassie devil torn the guts of this noob? Tech 900 forks - was a 1982 clue, but then again I thought the aged and cracked Kuwa stickers were legit - lost but not deterred as I have others - I ride them everyday with the dogs, my baby is a 1990/91 Bully Prowler - I call her skinny ass......
  8. olds cool... thank you, yep you nailed it, word at the museum is it is most likely a stickered up fakey from years ago, oh well $75 bucks down but still have some nice parts and is fun to ride , but not to worry as this Madison survivor came with it... I paid $80..... everything but the pedals... Is a MXDR - do you know what year?
  9. Hi - as i understand it giant took over the Kuwahara contract in mid years, chain guards are also confusing, as some models were required by law on new bikes with reflectors etc ( this I think) others used by pros on track for obvious reasons ... not this. anyway thank you for your reply, also welded on seat post clamp? what else were they using back then if it was a pop out for brand into OZ - and there were.........
  10. was a gamble anyway..... nice parts on it - not convinced ..but maddo with it is legit and worth any bucks I paid.....
  11. New to BMX restoration but not new to BMX. MY first bike was a Toowoomba Bicycle CO. Cobra from my olds for chrissy, I remember sponge grips, coaster brake, red, gold rims, heavy and rubbish compared to what I wanted.... so now with age I can indulge.... I found this on Gumtree within 3 hours of it posted - gambled, ad said Kuwahara- good solid bike $XX... top bloke agreed to send it, e-go courier did well, now here. Best of all it shipped with what he said was an almost dead Madison MXDR - and I will post that tomorrow when I make it up , cause she is still pumpin... he packed them really well , but axles and nuts were poking out - - no damage , I was definitely dubious, cynical and doubtful over getting a K for nada - what do you think? I cannot find a SERIAL number match on the websites through the museum up to 1984 - any ideas?