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    1999 Dyno XR
  2. I found this stuff lying in a pile of old bike bits at a house I kept driving by, the owner was cool and let me look through. The frame is a ripoff quicksilver, much better made than I expected them to be. The headstem was once anno blue.
  3. I will post some more pics when I get home in a couple of days, I've painted the frame now, it has 1" headstem tube and canti brake mounts, unfortunately it didn't come with forks, I should have mentioned. Did get a mongoose piston style headstem and an og mongoose seat bag. Thanks for the info so far. I think the logo picture should have been taken up the other way, then it kind of looks like two racer bike wheels with someone crouching in the go fast position, just a guess. Thanks again!
  4. Looptail frame has serial number FEH02341, I think 95ish mongoose but looking at the number charts It doesn't seem to line up. Menace? Expert comp? Expert pro?
  5. Picked up these bars with what looks to be 95 looptail mongoose, gave them a light media blast and found this logo. They have a hole in one end. Any ideas as to the make?