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  1. ^^^^ that will come up nice when you restore it
  2. Have you still got the scars from last year when your 24" dropped you and your ego,
  3. The day before bmxpo 1, at Bills shed, Bill, Mickey, Joe, Gazzz, Joe, Nicky, Chris, Daz, etc, and some dude painting Bbq, beers, laughs
  4. Mickey s first post and this pic from page 2, (still my work desk top screensaver), This what this place is about,
  5. This will be interesting, matt, fisho, rerun etc, all posting on here over the last couple of days, Rounding up og members, oh the knowledge ? Mark might have the right idea About time,
  6. Im going with a future wallaby so we might be ok, Lil rex says he will be playing at the next rugby world cup so he needs practice standing in front of the kiwi's while hey do the haka,
  7. Leaving at midnight, Driving 100km to be at a mates place by 1:30 to be the only skippy in a group of 20 kiwi's 2 results will happen I will be crying at 4am while cooking breakfast for a bunch of rugby made haka crazy mauri 's Or, 20 angry New Zealanders cooking me bacon and eggs on a sunday morning while i gloat about the best world cup final in 16 years,
  8. Pm replied, text sent,
  9. 6" clamp area to xbar Aprox 9" total
  10. Prices are bank deposit, east coast posted (west & tas add $10) (PP add $5) Zeronine miniflow plate, used but good condition $50 tioga roll on pegs, (skyway tuffs thread) $25 CW shaker frame pegs, $25 power disc to suit bullseye cranks, $30
  11. Prices are bank deposit, east coast posted (west & tas add $10) (PP add $5) DC mx 1000 (04 83), lhs tech 4 (07 85), both polished, caliper has a crack at quick release but works fine and is unseen when fitted, it is set up for front so cable can run through fork, $ 80 DC mx 900, (03 83), new powder, new adjuster, $80 nos tech 4 levers (04 85), never mounted, $40 reissue kashi aero, almost new, $45
  12. Prices are bank deposit, east coast posted (west & tas add $10) (PP add $5) Black new issue tuffs, plus freewheel never fitted $120 add $20 for tyres, blue tuffs, restored but not perfect, alloy rear flange, steel front flange, $200 add $20 for tyres ame grips, need a clean, $8 per set
  13. Prices are bank deposit, east coast posted (west & tas add $10) (PP add $5) New school bars, plus ame grips, 28" wide $50 Nitto V bars, chrome has covered stamp, 22.5" wide $50 Alloy bars, not much work to get back to mirror polish finish, 22" wide $40
  14. Sold to Gordy, thanks