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  1. Sounds perfect! Doesn't matter if folks only bring one - we can show them for everyone else to check out and then ride them - as it should be! No trophies, no BS, just a bunch of old guys checking out each other's rides. Gazz and I will head down in my VW van so will bring a few bikes then lock them away while we have a ride. Looking forward to it!
  2. Yeah I'm in! How about we bring a few bikes to show and then follow up with a ride. Where are we thinking of meeting in Hobart? Kurt Yeah. My wife said if we ever break up, we can still be cousins
  3. Awesome Scorpion Marty! Love it.
  4. Ooh, ooh, where is it, where is it!?
  5. Like others, my bike evolved constantly from 1979 to 1983. I get most enjoyment from a build that looks like the bikes we saw at the track and in the magazines in that same period - which nearly always had parts over a similar time range. 2-4 years for me.
  6. Well I'll have to ride past the Turtle in my front yard, so I know we'll get a ride in!
  7. Nice one! I do love the old 5 hole frames and must add one to the collection one day. I know Supermax and Maxi frames were interchsngeable BITD, but i always remember the 5 holes as the Maxis.
  8. Nice one Reece. Very complete Supermax! I'm much more nostalgic for the old Aussie bikes these days!
  9. Cool - cheers JMD. Any pics? K
  10. Nrl

    What's a NRL? ;p
  11. Yeah steel top, alloy base John. I'll check for markings. Alloy is in excellent nick. And KKT bolts!
  12. Interesting thing I found out when trying to date this (I assume the frame serials are useless?) Checking the fork serial on the Tange TX1200s i found they aren't actually Tange. Steerer is stamped "Akisu 83". I guess the safety holes are a giveaway to easily ID the forks.they must have moved away from Tange with the later production. Interesting that it has the later rounded design chainguard like in BMX Bandits too.
  13. Cheers guys. Thanks Reece but I have a stack of yellow 20" tyres here that need using. Appreciate the thought. Duralumin eh? Cool - that's one of those weird aviation alloys from memory? I'll be sure to post pics and I reckon the stem will clean up well with a polish, soak, repaint and salvage that decal. The OG steel bars are great too and some matt black spray bomb will sort them. Pics to follow!
  14. Cheers fellas. Gonna keep it original as I can and try and save most parts. Pics to follow! Kurt
  15. $5 pick up yesterday at the local Scout yankee auction. Very original - looks like only tyres and grips changed. Even all the reflectors are there. The MX-1 stems are a spin. Alloy quill and steel clamp? WTF?! Our 12 year old likes it so looks like a clean up and a pair of Tuffs from the shed are on the cards!