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  1. Nup, Not a clue who he was/is but I talked with him anyway
  2. Good tip that one I usually get a cheapo Dicta and pull that apart for the spring, bearings and sometimes the pawls (if they match to the OG ones), haven't had a problem doing it yet.
  3. His only weakness is a Souva lobbed near his back wheel or so the legend goes
  4. Boomerangs, OPC, Hulksters, whats the diff? they all keep coming back. Too soon for the group hug? Plus we've been missing your midget porn updates
  5. Bloke looks like he has a face full of botox. I like the bit where it has him doing manual labour, he's so good at it that his shirt is still pure white. Only in Sydney
  6. Well done for getting amongst it cdjsgold A couple of tips from a fellow amateur Best tip is to box in your polishing area so that the compounds and wheel shyte don't go flying everywhere. Wear old clothes, a hat , goggles and a mask (otherwise you'll be coughing up black shit for days, Not exaggerating that bit either) A small cheapo Vacuum, maybe it's just me that likes a clean work area, I dunno Finally , a nice and soft touch will eventually get you what finish you desire. Oh and stay the f**k away from edges unless you have to
  7. Also the Rosedale Mancave show on that day too.
  8. Nothing will save the anno, it will eventually wear off. Best bet is to ..................
  9. Madmans painting is the way to go.
  10. Looks better than the Star n Straps. I removed around half the decals and changed a few things around before I liked mine.
  11. Mrs Ferri Is the lady sitting at the wall if i'm not mistaken
  13. A brief glimpse at the 19 second mark. Video full of these guys poppin monos on 29ers
  14. Sensational effort there champ! How does it handle?
  15. Gold Spil!!