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  1. S&m

    Well worth it, mate- you'll have to post a few more pics- you know it's my 'grail', the painted Widow!!! & great work Gav & Ange!!!
  2. S&m

    What the, Paully!?!?!? Awesome stuff, mate! Tell us the story, then.. by PM if ya have to!!!
  3. S&m

    Ha ha, nice one Cannonball!!! But I wouldn't fight an unarmed man!!! Yep, I see S&M have celebrated our 100 pages by releasing the Speedwagon!
  4. A huge "Good on Ya" to those blokes that have had the kahunas to admit that they probably coulda done things differently... Let's keep this a positive place to be, and the focus on BMX and chattin with the good mates most of us have formed through this forum... And, love 'em or hate 'em, hats off to the Mods who give up their own time to help administer this cool site.. Now, GROUP HUG, fellas (just don't cross swords, or someone's gonna cop it!!!)!
  5. S&m

    Woo hoo!!! 100 pages up, top stuff, guys!!!
  6. S&m

    Plus there's another Tiki on eBay for only $1700!!!
  7. S&m

    Ba ha ha!!!
  8. S&m

    BOOM SHAKA-LACKA!!! Cannonball?!?!?
  9. S&m

    Tru dat (or whateva those young folk say!!!!)! Yes, Paul, the Universe is listening, mate!!!
  10. S&m

    Hi, my name is Paul, and I'm a BMX addict!!! (What, I missed some Tiki decals???)
  11. S&m

    Great job, Nige, the DB looks sweet!
  12. S&m

    Ba ha ha, Paully!!! Better watch out, mate, don't wanna offend anyone, now, do ya!?!?
  13. S&m

    Awesome lookin' DB, Nige!!! When we gonna see the full pics?!? So, took my GF on a romantic little getaway last week... Drove 400 kms to Innes National Park on the Yorke Peninsula here in SA.. Pulled-up to the self-registation centre to enter the National Park and... there was an S&M Sticker on the sign post!!! NO RESPECT, that S&M Crew!!! And I know this ain't a travel-log thread, but here's a shot of the entrance to Innes (classic surf here, too!!!)
  14. S&m

    Whoa, go away for a few days & 3 pages of S&M goodness!!! Great work, fellas!! Cheers for the compliments on the Challenger24- I can't wait to finish her & take her for a spin! Hey Gav, you can score one of those Oddy Cobra seats from UK eBay- they're pretty cheap, too... I contacted the seller & he claims all his gear is OG as well... A huge shout-out to Nige, too, who helped me out with a chainring bolt for my PAs (2 in fact, as I went a little overboard with the dremmel on the first one he sent me!!!).. You're a legend, Nige!
  15. S&m

    Here's a few pics of my Challenger 24 as she stands atm.. Just gotta add the brakes, pedals & chain, plus prob go for a Shield seat as well... Should be finished in a week or two, as I'm waiting on the last few goodies... Stoked!!!
  16. Hey dudes, I have tried many times to talk to this guy by phone, but still only getting his message bank & he is not returning my calls or emails... Any of you guys have any luck???
  17. I've called the guy a few times but no luck, straight to message bank... Will keep trying & try to organise to check out the gear either tomorrow or on the weekend Marty
  18. Nice lookin' stuff! I live fairly close so will give him a call & drop round to have a look if ya like... I'm keen on those JP pedals & some other gear...
  19. S&m

    Whoa, Cannonball, awesome stuff, mate (good to have you back in full effect, too, bro!)!!! You're putting me to shame with your Challenger 24, mate... I'd better get my build into gear! Love the 20" Challenger, too- def on my wish list, as well! Great collection of Holmes', too, Tristan! I've got a set of rechromed 24" Pitchforks for sale... Will be posting 'em tonight- if anyone's keen LMK & I'll be happy to part with them to anyone on this thread first
  20. S&m

    Hey Nige (& the S&M Crew)!!! Just startin' to put the Challenger together... Recently got a few sweet parts from Primal & Adam to add to the mix, so finally (almost!) settled on the parts list... Should have her finished in the next week or two.. Here's a pic of a few of the parts I'm using
  21. S&m

    Awesome stuff, Nige, congrats!!! Love the red PAs as well!
  22. S&m

    No worries, mate! The 'him' is a 'her'- Amanda- & she'll prob ship' em to Oz- I bought my minty Hot Seat off of her
  23. S&m

    Hey Rev, these might be of interest to you, mate!
  24. USA rap? I prefer Aussie Hip-hop! I got some nice stuffs off 2wheeljay as well- good to see positive sellers comin' up with the goods on evilBay!
  25. Hang in there, mate! PM also sent... Check out this site, also- you're not alone in feeling sh#thouse at one point in your life!