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  1. Rip Ben. You were all right to deal with.
  2. Good point indeed!
  3. Hah good one. Messinger Koz Cruiser Suzie for sure as mentioned
  4. ..
  5. Are they Motomag II?
  6. I'm on fb but always come here every day
  7. That's the ducks nuts! Love to have this.
  8. Dibs 1 yellow thx Mark
  9. Keen on yellows Mark. How long are the bar and frame pads? thx Sry another q. Are they R or TM or bit of both.
  10. Tbh, I never thought about any of this stuff discussed here. Back then, I would use whatever is available.
  11. I'd be more than happy to help out Mickey.
  12. I'll grab the stem. Dibs
  13. Used to do club enduros in late 80s. Had both an xr250 and 350. Only had to build the motor once. Also had kx125 and cr125s. The two strokes you had to change the rings after every race or 2 but of course, two strokes were piss easy to work on.
  14. Xav, I dig the new theme and name. Keep up the good work bro.