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  1. I am thinking elf maybe
  2. What bike do these forks belong to they are built funny ...non drilled makes me think mini...the legs are welded forward on the steerer tube...legs are shaped like gt or patterson...any ideas people...thanx in advance
  3. dibs ODYSSEY 1999 BRAKE SET - CALIPER, F&R MOUNTING BOLTS, CABLE, LEVER - $15 plus actual postage
  4. dibs one XXL on the day fanks...
  5. yummy and sexy
  6. yeah stop putting in the forks man...geez...lol...
  7. All good bart cheers
  8. are you open to offers on the hutch ??
  9. looks like jezza is his only friend in his friends list he might be able to help...and yeah I would want to hold your shiney shit for as long as I could too...lol...
  10. nah sorry jay but on closer inspection the tops of the letters look like penises...lol...
  11. I also found this helped heaps
  12. awesome marty great info...it seems my frame to be 19" from the middle of the headtube to the middle of the seat post...again awesome info...cheers
  13. Ok I am a bit of a GT and Redline man and have now fallen for some hutch's...firstly I have done some research on serials and the like but what is the difference between a raider a pro raider a judge and so on and so forth...I believe I have picked up Taiwanese hutch as the serial is on the BB and as follows...T88072698...I am lost as to know what model it is, it does have the HUTCH stamped in western style on the brake bridge...are there different top tube lengths?? is that the only way to tell them apart...please educate me...
  14. pm sent
  15. Hey Miller if you are moving them on I am most definitely interested...if not nice score...