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  1. See u tomorrow bro, long overdue for a catch up !
  2. where ya been Stan !
  3. Had the same thing happen to an elina flyte tech lol Use 12% peroxide cream next time mate, wrap with glad wrap and leave it for a couple of days in the sun. Does not harm the plastic at all..
  4. Voted, good luck bud
  5. Congrats homo's, too good again.
  6. Sorry rado, got first dibs on the adjuster mate.
  7. Dibs dc centre adjuster thanks stan
  8. That won't be anygood either as most of the feedback was neutralized (lol) way before april fools
  9. Didn't see that coming lol Here's a question for you though - if your ebay feedback was wiped, would you cop that lame excuse you just gave aiden? Like i mentioned earlier, not that fussed about it as i sell most of my gear through other avenues anyway. Just a kick in the teeth after years of doing the right thing for members of this forum, to have it wiped with a poll? All good, your forum, your rules..
  10. Yes, comments are still there but positive feedback score is 0%. Is anyone going to bother fixing it?
  11. Not that it matters these days, but just noticed all our positive feedback has gone neutral lol More curious as to why this has happened. It happened a while back to part of my feedback and was told it would be fixed with the next upgrade. Now the whole lot's gone. Not that fussed tbh, i haven't sold anything here for ages anyway..
  12. Not a thread i frequent as i work most nights, but fuk I'm pissed this has happened. Scotty is one of the good guys on this site that i have had the privilege of knowing the last few years. Piss poor form by a few members that were pushing for him to be banned - especially the ones whinging on facebook... Cheers brother
  13. Nrl

    And win they did, to a somewhat disorientated grubitohs GRUBS Go the chookies !!
  14. Nrl