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  1. Malcolm has been "engaged" to oversee this forum, from that we can assume a paid position. I fully understand that the volunteers on this forum have real lives and responsibilities on the outside.
  2. Frustrating to say the least.... I have decided not to contribute here on OZ until all is made public information.... for the most part we can adapt to change as long as we are kept well informed. If there is a select few that is kept in the loop, where on the "food chain" are us normal members. Who are we agreeing to having copyright ownership for information we submit on OZ too? Extract from the rules we ALL agree to by logging on All material submitted to ozbmx.com.au has copyright, other websites/forums take material from ozbmx.com.au without consent will be subject the fullest extent of the law. If you would like to use any of our material in any way shape or form please contact management to seek permission.
  3. haha yeah John saw that there...just wanted to make sure..you never know with these Madisons..seems to be a variety of models..I have a NOS set of these decals but don't have the MXDR sticker with the set
  4. Serial indicates it's a 1982. Standard or Taipan unusual colour?
  5. I have been on the receiving end of a dollar deal.....from the other side. As a seller started an item at 99 cents ..final sell price was $1.00... the buyer then made payment via paypal and asked to arrange a pickup time... What a joke. I declined the payment..told the buyer to come and pick up the item for free...I would rather give it away than give paypal a cut of my dollar ....HAHA
  6. Someone needs to get a set of nads and explain all...
  7. LOL ..... Remind me not to out dibs you ...
  8. Fair question.....If an agreement was made and both parties have stayed within the rules ...why the Ban.... Is it 100% that their is a new owner? Moparscott bought and sold things on here in good faith of that agreement Deals in progress were done on OZ for sale section and to be fair to the members that are part of these deals , perhaps a time frame to allow the deals in progress to be finalized. To block all contact is not fair to the others.. Disclaimers and all that crap aside..is it fair for a personal conflict to inconvenience other members?
  9. Not sure ..it is straight outa china ...Jiali or something ..60amp/17 volt..120amp/20 volt sound right?
  10. Thanks for all the replys and advice. It's a toss up between Brickos1's home made version and this one http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/171203477211?ssPageName=STRK:MESINDXX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1436.l2649
  11. I have a welding for dummies disc...My wife was kind enough to include one of those ... haha She knows me too well The Helmet is confusing me as there is a wide price range and different specs... view size, darkening time , magnifying lens, etc ... Are the different specs important for someone that will use it a few times a year..
  12. For xmas I was given a gasless mig welder. I have always wanted to learn how to weld and here's my chance. Problem is I know nothing about welding and need a helmet. Is this sorta thing OK for a backyard welder? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/New-Auto-Dark-Darkening-Welding-Mask-Helmet-Bonus-cap-Gloves-Bag-/141148564273?pt=AU_Welding&hash=item20dd1c2b31&_uhb=1 Any advice or recommendations appreciated Thanks
  13. All good here I cant put a gif as my avatar....worked once apon a time ..
  14. ha ha ... perhaps an adventra version