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  1. Thanks Costa.
  2. Part are coming together slowly, I'll post up some more pic's as they arrive. Yep the Zeronine Works adjustable bars came as part of the deal The previous owner said "do you want the bars as well?" and I wasn't going to turn him down. Thanks, it's been a labour of love or hate, i'm not quite sure which as they're incredibly hard to find. I've just picked up a 1987 Zeronine Ultra as well, so I'll build up both the race and freestyle versions from '87. Here's a pic from when a friend of mine bought it for me in the USA, before he packed it up and sent it over.
  3. After 3 years of searching I finally picked up a 1987 Zeronine Pro XL 'Z' gusset in January last year. Paint and new decals are done and the hunt for the remaining parts to finish the build is on. First pic is how I received it and the second is after paint.
  4. This Cinelli is stunning!!
  5. Hi Kurt,

    Just wanted to touch base, I've finally got the Zeronine Pro XL build underway. Paint & decals are done and I'm gathering parts to slowly put it together  :good_mini:

    Cheers Mark.




  6. This looks awesome, brings back many teenage BMX memories!!
  7. Wow, top job
  8. Looks awesome Nik!!
  9. Very nice, what a great build!
  10. Nice Rod
  11. I can vouch for Benny, he does great work!
  12. Awesome build, love the metallic black!
  13. Very nice build. The blue and gold looks awesome!
  14. These are an awesome bike! Can't wait to see this built up