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  1. dibs and pm me for payment details TNT stem, has been polished and looks real nice. There is a tiny hairline crack in the top stem, hard to see. Great stem 120 posted
  2. Super price on the 2 in 1, great pick up
  3. Thanks Joseph, mods pls lock post
  4. dibs and pm me for payment details primo hemorrhoid minty saddle, show mounted only 110 posted Primo super tenderizer pedals in silver minty and only show mounted 60 posted Hoffman seat clamp 1" super nice condition 40 posted Dia Compe 990 caliper rear and tech 77 lever originals 60 posted with rear cable TNT stem polished, real nice condition has the slightest hairline cranks see last pic 140 posted One piece crank cover in blue 20 posted Velo Camo seat show mounted $30 posted
  5. Dibs and pm me for payment details, I can drop it off to bmxpo as well this weekend Hoffman Taj, 97 I believe Hoffman F/F great condition, chrome is fantastic, Decals are copies since originals are impossible to find Wheels were built from NOS hula hoops in chrome and NOS Primo hubs and Primo tyres Brake calliper is a minty polished DC 990 and black tech 77 lever Seat is a Just out the box NOS Primo hemorrhoid Nice and minty TNT polished stem Profile cranks have been rechromed with NOS primo super tenderisers Bars are Hoffman fantastic four bars that have been rechromed as well with NOS Hoffman grips Hoffman clamp and generic post Hoffman CD chainwheel and izumi chain $1300 + post or pickup from Sydney or bmxpo. cost me more to build it
  6. i love this thing!!!
  7. USA made stamped cruiser bars 60 posted shimano spocket, plastic lever cover (looks real nice on DX levers) and oury black grips 25 posted bike stand and seat post (think its redline look at the pics and stamp). Pretty thick post too. 50 posted
  8. Nice one
  9. Looks like 0484 though the stamp on the upper arm is 5583
  10. dibs and pm me for payment Minty rear MX1000 with hard to find centre adjuster and tech 3 lever $170 posted Hutch bars in nice condition, some gravel rash, original chrome and stickers 250 posted USA made stamped cruiser bars 65 posted shimano rear sprocket 10 posted New DMR bikes gold pedals, plastic cages so very light. Great for a bling build, 9/16 40 posted
  11. So nice HOX, love it
  12. dibs and pm me for payment The real deal Comp III 26 inch tyres nice condition 150 plus postage
  13. Me too, bought some bits and still waiting nearly two months later
  14. Super Nice GT there Scotty,