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  1. crossrider as a mate has the exact frame and his is badged up as a crossrider and i use to own this bike above
  2. nope still hanging under the house........................................
  3. suntour freewheel hub
  4. i'd be interested in the frame forks bars and seat post if the wheels sell before hand
  5. so is it still forsale as a frame forks wheels package? as the wheels are actually star wheels you can buy online as there not proclass rims
  6. its a menace as I use to own it
  7. lol................
  8. So you want $600.00 for a frame set that isn't what it is and its made in Indonesia as a cheap arse copy,so it be like me selling a cheap arse repo copy pk ripper that was made in Indonesia for $700 knowing to well you'll never get what you want.So don't call me names just cause I offered you a certain amount,cause you only needed to say no
  9. very cool me likey
  10. lucky its in Nsw as if it was in Qld i'd grab that in a instant............................just to chop it up for a new project
  11. that's cool xave I can sell you 1 I have spare
  12. ok i have afew grips and pitball brakes to sell and there all nos and prices don't include postage,so just call dibs then pm me and i'll take cash bank deposit or paypal your choice. ok first up i have 5 sets of rear pitball in white and they come as you see em in the pic and there $50.00 + postage next i have 5 sets of blue malvern xtar mx grips up for grabs at $15.00 aset + postage next i have em in orange aswell at $15.00 aset + postage next are some mx waffle grips in black and there $15.00 aset + postage and i have 5 sets forsale next is a nos dragster sanyo headlight with dyno and everything to attach the lights and dyno $35.00+postage next is a nos set of 9/16 steel rat trap pedals still wrapped up and there $30.00+postage or i have these secondhand kkt mx rat trap pedals in 9/16 only need a good clean an remove the scratched up red ano paint and there $25.00+ postage
  13. Thanks to Clarke for a lift down there had a great time but the bikes now squeeking so I need to find that an sought it out and hopefully i'll make it for the next ride and the one after that aswell
  14. what I think is a Mongoose (serial number starts with H) with Pro Class style rims that are fatter than normal Is the bike baby blue in colour with red ano parts
  15. how long are the seats compare to a standard seat