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  1. It's very quiet mate. $hithouse for selling - Great for buying.
  2. price is posted gimme a week or so to pack please. Not really too much to say here: Polished Ambrosios Chair / Arai 800p sealed hubs Araya spoke nips Stainless Spokes Suntour 16 freewheel Repop tyres $400 posted
  3. cheers man They're SOLD!!
  4. sold
  5. dibs wins Torker bars rechromed beautiful 27.75" wide / 7" crossbar $270 ono posted
  6. Dibs is KING Price includes postage and paypal fees Allow up to a week handling time plus post Price sucks? PM Offers! Ok... 26" Wheelset Polished Araya 7X's Suntour Sealed LF Hubs Stainless spokes NOS IRC tyres $560 posted
  7. dibs wins gimme a week handling time plus post ok... Survivor Skyway Power Disc Blue With generic crank arms $77 posted
  8. sold
  9. lol...no! $300 ono Sorry about that
  10. dibs wins i won't post this, but I can box it up for a pick up arranged by your courier. Or I can bring this down to Melbourne next time I come down. Ok... 26" Master Sport 5 speed Total survivor apart from seat. Patina comes free
  11. $120 posted for BOTH Dibs wins Blue MX1000 (04/83) Blue DC Hinged Clamp Gimme 5 days handing plus post please
  12. Dibs Wins Gimme 5 days handling plus post Price sucks? PM Offers ok... KT Sower Pedals (9/16) Bodies are nice SURVIVOR Cages are MINT SKYWAY GOLD $200 Posted
  13. sold
  14. Bump...320 Posted get on it!