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  1. Is this becoming a p!ssing contest? That would be a shame. Everybody has their own reason for being.
  2. The dude that welded this baby showed some real pride. Must have been the Master of Apprentices. I have only bombed it with a full can of paint stripper as I didn't want to lose the character of the welds. No blasting!
  3. maybe, could be. why?
  4. Hey baz, I can't see the bike. Is there supposed to be a bike in the photo?
  5. I saw this on "the bay" recently and spent some time staring at it wondering what it was. After several guesses and final indecision I decided I must have it. I already have a collection of BMX Products frames and forks but there was some underlying attraction to this that said it must be mine. I assume having worked in heavy engineering and the metal trades for close to 25 years I think it was its exposed fabrication and raw look that took me back to my roots. After getting it into the workshop and studying its every fold, weld and pressing I have discovered it is a Team full chromoly (serial TCE) with a flattened chain stay. The "unusual" element is that the candy coat (red) was topped on a silver spray base not the traditional nickel. I think even back in the 80's there was pressure to cut costs. Enjoy! btw, I'm leaving it just the way it is, right in the middle of our dining table. hehe!
  6. DB mid school gear was rock solid, cheap to maintain and can be customised to taste.
  7. I picked them up on ebay. 10 bucks and they're made in Japan. (for the purists)
  8. I promised Simon a "glamour shot" minus the lingerie. So here it is. I realy don't think theres much more I can add to this before it becomes too heavy to ride. Maybe it's just the 80kgs I added to the seat.
  9. Sorry Gentlemen, it's a fine example of an '82. Complete survivor. OGK's, Sugino, Mushrooms, Cheng Shin's but I couldn't help myself with the new VP Bear Traps. I know we used to fit them bitd and even sharpen the teeth with a file. Sick basturds. I can still feel the shins bleeding.
  10. Nearly ready to sticker up. Just need a steady hand. I showed my Dad this the other day and he nearly cried. He remembers when I got mine from "santa". (Repco Auto Parts)
  11. The date is G0682. The chrome is ORIGINAL and so hard. Thanks for the heads up on the decals, I'm one step closer to being finished. I have a question for the enthusiasts - why do these frames have a 22.6mm seat post. The layback that was in it, is stamped 22.6mm and fortunately it's mint because the stock 22.2mm doesn't even touch the sides. I even bored out the "tough neck" clamp to 26.6mm to fit the seat tube. Apart from the WTF factor, were these frame ahead of their time? Darren.
  12. I finally got one for myself and nearly finished restoring it. I had to get the bike I had when I was a kid. Adds perspective to the hobby. I have all the parts but the decals. Anyone got some?
  13. This is the first time I ever took a likin' to "knee savers" Looks really tuff. Ride it like yo stole it BB!
  14. no brakes, hard core!
  15. Sweet Ginger Brown! Give her some bling.