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  1. Tange made i believe.
  2. Cool, figured as much. Didnt really want them for anythin. Was just curious really.
  3. Gday guys, just wondering if there is a difference between road and bmx dia-compe brake calipers. I recently picked up this old repco with a front dia-compe caliper and stamped dia-compe brake pads. Should also add there dated 85, and stamped 630
  4. Leave it, its worth much more as it sits than if you restore it! Oh forgot too mention, fucking sweet ride!
  5. Sure its a quicksilver? Forks look bent like ashtabula's which cane on early mongooses, gooseneck looks like a twin clamp like a mongoose goldstem also.
  6. Pics a tad blurry but those welds around the headtube look chunky as which indicates to me its something low end, but i coukd be well off
  7. I read over this whole thread and thought "nah il keep my storie to myself, plenty of people have already spoken" but then thatd mean that maybe somrone who could possibly be changed or moved from my story may not be, so here goes. I suffered some degree of depression for as long as i could remember, i had two older brothers who bullied me relentlessly and probabably the biggest shame of my life i in turn took out my anger on my younger brother, trying to make myself feel big because my two older brothers made me feel so small. This is where my story began, unfortunately as i got older i didnt get better, i was reclusive, was terrible in social situations. And then my life took a turn for the worst, id lost my partner of 5years and a week later one of my closest friends at the time took his own life, he was also a member here on oz. Id always known he struggled with his own demons, but he just never seemed like the kind of person who would succeed at what hed attempted so many times. After that shit just went real far south. Cutting the story short, my life wasnt getting any better, id take days off work, unable to get out of bed, im man enough to admit id cry myself to sleep. But then things did get better, much better. I found someone, but i dont attribute finding her to my happiness she just made me see that i am worthwhile and deserving of everything good that happens in this world. I started seeing a psychologist which helped greatly, especially in helping me see that it wasnt my fault that my mate did what he did. I managed to conquer my depression and anxiety without the use of medication, but i will add that in some people medication may be the only option but even thats nothing to be ashamed of. I'll add here for anyone interested that psychologists are not doctors so they arn't interested in pumping you full of drugs n sending you on your way, yes they can be expensive but if you go see your gp they can put you on a mental health plan which means you can claim psycholgy visits on medicare. My final thoughts, huge props to revcore for bringing this up, this whole macho bullshit about men not talking bout there feelings has gotta change, i managed to beat depression but maybe some people dont need to beat it they just need to know how to manage it. I changed jobs which also helped alot, they say a change is as good as a fresh start. Remove the things in your life that cause you misery. My life turned around when i met my now fiance but not because she made me happy but she believed in me. No one and nothing will bring you prolonged happiness but yourself. Read buddhist quotes, they make a fukload of sense when you interpret them. Be happy and content with everything you have and all your life is, that way everything else that comes your way is a bonus. Rant over, and once again huge respect to you revcore, i dont know you and i know our situations are far different but depression and anxiety sucks the big one n i wouldnt wish it upon anyone. Sometimes it helps just knowing your not alone in it all
  8. Great work michael, that looks killer!
  9. Sweet looking frame! Gotta love standing gears!
  10. Awesome concept!
  11. Thats killer! I did find this http://bmxmuseum.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=198656 pretty sure its a 20" with 24" wheels so could be possible on other frames! Or are you mainly trying to find out if yours is a crossrider or not?
  12. Cant say ive ever seen/heard of one, or any 24" monoshocks to be honest. But It wouldnt surprise me!
  13. Pinstripped BMX! Sweet!
  14. Nice work, killer score! I'm exactly the same, i never find em when im lookin and all my best finds have been completely unexpected!
  15. I was thinking silverton also!