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  1. Sorry about all the stuffing about, would be good if the PM function worked. Was not keen to post up an email addy on a public forum... If you are on Facebook I am on the OZBMX page there, should be able to find me by searching for Patrick White. We will make this work.
  2. I have a used black one but it's on a build, sorry
  3. Excellent condition red sugino 45T chain ring. $50 posted Australia wide
  4. Used silver Pro neck 41 tooth chain ring. Very good condition. $60 posted Australia wide
  5. Red LP-440 tange lock nut NOS in packet. $40 posted Australia wide
  6. Used black SS dirt skirt in pretty good condition. Came off an old school cruiser. $50 posted Australia wide.
  7. Red Shimano SX right hand lever NOS in bag. Never opened, have no use for it. $75 posted Australia wide.
  8. Roughly polished at some point, markings are still clear but I don't think the nut and bolt are original. $50 posted Australia wide.
  9. Would these suit? PM me if you are interested.
  10. I got some red OGKs for sale. I'll get a pic sorted tomorrow.
  11. So crap at taking heaps of photos on these rides, only took two and this the best one. Good day out, thanks to the other riders for coming along.
  12. a few of us in vegas caught up this morning to mark the passing of a great friend. Ben was the kind of bloke that polarised opinion. Love him or hate him, either way no one could question his passion for old school / vintage BMX. I for one am proud to have called Ben a mate, and I treasure the conversations we have had over the last 8 years or so that I was lucky to have known him. My heart goes out to his wife and young family who have lost a husband/father. RIP Big Beats. Hopefully the big fella has a mongoose two-four or Kos Cruiser ready to go for you. Loose chain and squeaky cranks of course....
  13. I know that pic of me outside the soon-to-open Newstead Brewing Milton site makes me look like I am trippin' balls but I was just a little excited.
  14. Couple of pics. Good day out, heaps of Adel sightings.