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  1. Bike is now stripped and being sold in parts. Cheers.
  2. Thanks for all the positive comments guy's. BTW sorry I didn't put up the location which as jasbins stated for me is Western Australia. I would love this to go to the right home and be appreciated for what it is.
  3. "FOR SALE" Malvern Star Supermax 5 Hole gusset 24" Cruiser. This bike is custom made and built for show. As any of you Malvern Star experts would know they never produced a 24" version of the 5 hole so I decided to make one. I have used a Kuwahara Apollo frame and fork and then made changes to the frame and then welded the 5 hole gussets to it. The frame & fork was diamond blasted then painted in the Mazda, 3 stage pearl white 2 Pack paint. Wheels - Skyway 24" Tuffs. Tyres -24" fat & skinny Kenda Gumwalls. White industries freewheel. Handle bars, seat post and stem all Nitto. Takagi Tourney cranks and KKT Lightning pedals with reflectors. Kashimax seat,Tange headset, Shimano tourney rear brake and DX lever.DID chain,Tange seat clamp. Brand new repro pads and decals. All parts are NOS or Brand new current parts. The bike is in awesome condition and has been ridden 50 meters if that. Bike owes me $1900 but will sell for $1500 I will post Australia wide at buyers cost. Payment - cash or D/D Call or text 0418946486 Dibs and pm to purchase. Cheers, Clayton.
  4. Yes I totally agree. That's shocking news and I feel sick just thinking about it. I reckon it could be some dirty fuckers that know Andrew and what he has or have bought from him. C'mon Perth guy's get the word out and find Andrew's bikes asap.
  5. Gee the PK is bloody nice but the Haro is awesome!!
  6. Well you pretty well summed up my thoughts mate. I have just gone and read all the pages in this thread and cant beleive people are actually complaining and carrying on. This is a hobby for god sake and a enjoyment not a dick size contest. Build what you want and how you want and do it for yourself simple, if other people like it then great if they dont who cares. I have been down this road in the automotive scene and people just cant help ruin other peoples glory when they get a chance at it. Life is to short to waste time being haters. Come together guys and if you have nothing nice to say then dont say anything at all simple...
  7. Are they for sale mate?
  8. Sorry boys I cant make it as its my Dad's 70th !! Enjoy it and hopefully I can make the next one. Cheers.
  9. Do it mate,DO IT!!! Nothing wrong with being an addict!
  10. I have a deal for you mate!! you buy the cruiser and I will paint the GJS for free!! BTW i'm jealous that you got an oddball!!
  11. Yep I was thinking the same thing Mark you cant help yourself mate
  12. Yep I agree with the others it looks great and the colour scheme is spot on mate. Great job
  13. The turnout of sellers was good, its the turnout of buyers that was hugely missing. Why the hell people dont support these days has got me stumped! Guys lets all put the thinking caps on and come up with some ideas to promote the next swap meet. Reece keeps going out of his way to make things happen and its about time we all got behind him and helped.
  14. Yep I will be there with plenty of parts and bikes to sell!! spread the word boys and get as many punters there as possible. Cheers.
  15. It better be cool mate I dont want to have to sort this out behind the tuck shop after school