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  1. Totally exotic and masterful build, every component is just so suited, well done mate !!
  2. Boom...., that PK!!!!
  3. Sick build archie
  4. Well deserved Brett, you sure know how to build 'em.
  5. Black magic motomag.
  6. Looks like the Lockness Monster lol.
  7. I concur, colours are matched to a tee, great builds you do bud.
  8. Top job Archie so far !
  9. Dibs pack 4. (PL 20 Carrera decal set) $30.
  10. Og goodness, very cool James
  11. Beautiful Quicky, all class.
  12. What features identifies it as an Aussie built Redline, just curious?
  13. Back end looks tuff as, well done, I'm sure it will be a hit
  14. Beautiful build that