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  1. Yeah, totally recognised, I've always loved it! Let me know when you have a Floval to let go of...ha ha
  2. Thank god that GHP sold...haven't been tempted by a frame for a very long time..almost typed that four letter word...great frames, great prices from a top bloke!
  3. PP Rotor housings and Simmon's wheels....good to see you still have the other interest in the shed. By the way the Quad is a Ripper, no pun intended...ha ha
  4. Thanks Scotty...ever since Adam (acgto) built a black and gold one up, probably 7 years ago, it's been on my 'to do list'.
  5. I used to enjoy a backyard show a few years back, bit easier to arrange 5 now....ha ha
  6. Scotty, your builds have gone from strength to strength...so much want for an OG Floval, enough to bring me out of old school building retirement 😂 ... They were hard to find 5 years ago but they seem impossible now..if anyone knows of one coming up for sale, let me know. Yes, I know what they are worth too Sorry for going off topic..yours is off the tap Scotty.
  7. Holy crap! That is amazing, love the gold accessories.
  8. Awesome Scotty...can't wait to see it built! I haven't built a vintage Bmx for about 4 years, but the day I come across one of these I'll be buying it. I think that could be my final build....pffft...not sure there is ever a final build...just a break between searching 😂
  9. Gt

    Very underrated hubs...I've had them in every colour...just awesome.
  10. Had about 25 at one point..just 4 now...
  11. It's in your blood. I can't stop even if I wanted to. Anything with wheels...I'm not interested in football, cricket, golf etc. It's just riding. I'm 45 and I have a passion for riding bikes...be it old school bmx, mountain bikes, dirt bikes. I've broken both my legs and arms over the years, and I'm getting slower but I'm still loving. It can be racing bmx, a cruise down the beach front on my 84 Cruiser or a downhill mountain bike session...I'll keep doing it till, I can no longer hang on to the handlebars... Last weekend The old Hutch still likes to get off the ground too...
  12. I've only ever had NOS rims done..and the chromer that did them for me seemed to dip them multiple time and they ended up weighing considerably more than there factory chromed counterparts...
  13. Freakin' awesome stuff!
  14. That is such a good ending to a shitty situation...OZBMX has come through for so many over the years. Good on all involved!!
  15. Lowdnes is the best sport in the category.