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  1. I was 114 BITD, starting riding again in 2009 and broken collarbone into 5 pieces and needed 13 screws, plates and pins, so changed number to 13
  2. Era correctness- I am not fussed either way, I am only interested in bikes that get ridden/raced. Shows/Competitions- if anything I would say people's choice only, you get 1 vote per visitor to show....most votes win.
  3. Must be quite busy out back in mod world tonight!
  4. Here is a pic of my young fella on a TAJG pitty from a few years kindly loaned by GUS And another TAJG built for a mate
  5. ------------------- Bretto is username
  6. ------------------------------ Thanks arse clown, I have been here for about 5 years, started racing in 1981 and still do, you know how to ride right, not just collect all your old school original non repop gear right, you know that is the purpose of a BMX bike right, to ride it. I work for a Texas based company and spent several weeks in Dallas last year, and thought the people were absolutely fantastic, extremely well mannered respectful people, and nothing like the stereo typical person we all form our opinions on from movies and TV...thank fuck none of them were anything like you! Hopefully you get the 40 virgin NOS parts you are promised for being an original BMX parts only martyr.
  7. _________________________________________________ I am not at all upset because I disagree, I am happy with my opinion as I am sure you and ol phart are happy with yours...but I am not slamming it down the throat of everyone that doesn't share it! Yes Gary is a friend of mine, but beside that he is an awesome craftsman, he also fabricates for a local customised motorbike shop (Ellaspede) and makes some fantastic mufflers...quess he is copying an original design there too as they have the same inlet and outlet like yoshimura pipes??
  8. __________________________________ Bwahaha this has to be the funniest thing I have read here in years... I get it that he knows a lot, he has told everyone many times how knowledgeable he is, but he has toremember the original topic was about a picture of an Aussie rider from BITD and he jumped on it as if he had some personal grudge against JC. And how on earth can you even make the ludicrous statement that he is the reason BMX collecting is where it is today, if that was true he needs his arse kicked for all the rifts we have in Australia Let's not lose site of the initial topic of the thread on the museum...a picture of a guy in Australia from BITD
  9. Roberto's
  10. I have never cut down my forks, allows for more fine tuning of bars and stem etc, you can swap the spacers around to suit. I personally hate seeing cruisers with 8" I guess each to their own. Thankfully I didn't cut down my sickle forks, otherwise they would never have fitted the Skyway frame.
  11. My initial thoughts were a 1993ish Crisp I believe, but it has some wired bits on it!
  12. Yeah I hear of this all too often unfortunately! This is why I tend to only buy directly from mates, saves all the BS
  13. I always use -------------------------------------- Then type my response, if we all did it there would no problem. To be honest there has been very little development of the site in the last 12 months, and I would not hold your breath for this to be fixed....anyone remember the new trading the site was to get....this issue has little chance of being resolved!
  14. Looking forward to it, should be a great day!
  15. Bwahaha and Quicksilver's were an original design....Mongoose copies more like, bit like the pot calling the kettle black!!! There is no way you could mistake a JC with a Quicksilver, even if it were an identical design, the welds are like night and day!!