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  1. I am still looking for a set of Supa Roo 24 inch cruiser forks. Doesn't help that they only made ten frame/fork sets in 1982. That was it, no more made - period. Guess I just have to continue being happy as the owner of one of those frames at least....
  2. These could have been unloaded legitimately as re-issues and a killing would have been made at say $700 each. People would have lined up for them and the seller would be laughing all the way to the bank. Coulda shoulda woulda......
  3. Unfortunately this has been going on for ages.
  4. Thanks for clearing that up CDBMX. Tha5s what I thought the situation was but one should not assume. Looks to be a very sad situation and a total lack of respect for the brand that was.
  5. Have just finished reading this and the corresponding mail on fb. Very very bad in my opinion. Unfortunately I don't know a lot about Quicksilver's history - can someone please explain the link to the seller of these frames that are in question and the original Competition Developments? Thats the part I am missing.
  6. I've got one of these. Built mine up with repop parts as a rider. Pretty comfy even at 6 foot 2!! Yours looks great!
  7. We spent the last 4 Xmas' running a country pub in bumtown, catering to everyone else. Finished that gig at the start of this year. Went back to the motor trade and now working at the RAA as a vehicle inspector so have 4 days off!! Going to ENJOY being back at HOME in Adelaide and relaxing with wife and kids. Its the little things. ...
  8. Radelaide 2017 announcement early 2017. Stay tuned.....
  9. Glad you had a great time! We are already planning 2017 - announcement soon! Hope you can make it back for next year!
  10. How often do you change grips??
  11. If you mean the dx cheapie it's grips off to get them off. I love them good mechanical advantage and look great too!
  12. The valves used on Quickies had a rubber seat. 35 years later that rubber will have deteriorated. I would put cash on no pressure left in there at all.
  13. Look awesome!!! All the details and colours look bang on!