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  1. nice machine bill thats for sure. chopping and changing these things is all part of the fun. yeah i nearly bought that thing. cheers rob
  2. nice bike there bill. got to luv a jmc mate. did you get that off the museum. cheers rob
  3. Jmc

    still worth doin ive got a standard long and got told a heap of bs too mate but its still a jmc. this guy even repowdered it its bling with dents in every tube. i got told about a couple buts its worse than i was led to believe.
  4. mate that thing is sensational. excellent build. congrates. rob
  5. thanks mate. i just got to find a bb for them now. the one it came with is pretty munched up. cheers again
  6. where are the pics mate. would love to see it cheers rob
  7. nice nice nice. just bought a standard long myself cant wait to get it in my hands. well done mate.
  8. hi all. i was wondering if anybody could tell me what sort of cranks these are. they came on a jmc xl. the guy said they are boss with a ?. thanks.rob
  9. yeah those pads look a million bucks for sure.
  10. got some details of the bloke that does repop pads i want a different colour set made for my curtis. cheers
  11. nice build mate black and chrome always looks killer
  12. there,s a brown padded kashi aero on the bay usa at the moment mate. nos
  13. yeah good on ya. ill pm you in a soon and see what youve got. mate i have to stop looking im seeing too much stuff already. i will pm you but. cheers rob. hopefully that tuff neck is still there. lol
  14. excellent charts mat cheers. helpful for the little takker.
  15. yeah but what parts to throw on it. it will be abit of trial and error id say. cheers rob