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  1. New name is gay
  2. That's fake, worth about $5, garbage
  3. there is a lot of work involved in doing the artwork, if someone wants one set of stickers for a bike and nobody else wants a set then be prepared to pay, a sign writer's time is worth as much as anyone else's, i know someone who paid $700 just for the artwork for a set of torker stickers so he had a heap printed and sold them to make his money back, this could be an option, or you could find other people who want the same decals and share the cost, either way, you won't get a one off set cheap, put up some pics of the ones you want copied so we can have a look.
  4. hahahaha, watch the douche one, it's hilarious he makes Tom Green seem normal
  5. thruster?
  6. 1st 2, seat post and seat tube under the clamp 3rd 1, 1 on each seat stay where the colour meets the chrome 4th 1, under the bottom bracket last ones go on your bars where the colour meets the chrome
  7. A friend sent me that, no idea what he had to type in to get it.
  8. Umm, yeah, this had me going "I don't remember that bit ??"
  9. ^^^ I can get there at 8am, what's your excuse?
  10. i did the bleach thing with a skyway hot seat, took the gold print off, that sucked
  11. couldn't stop laughing at this guy
  12. had this for 26 years, only real bmx i ever owned as a kid, it's just had a complete overhaul with a MADMAN paint job, it holds the most sentimental value of my 40+ bikes (mostly freestyles)
  13. has to be a serial. either the bottom bracket, lower down tube or inside rear drop out
  14. Get a pic of the bottom of the forks, could be later Taiwan made pro racer, you know, the ones with the different stickers